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Cooking isn’t for everyone, but takeout is an easier way to feed yourself and your family.

National Chinese Take-Out Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 5. So, come this Saturday, ordering to-go would be the wise thing to do.

Rather than getting food from Panda Express, consider ordering takeout from one of these 11 local restaurants in Corpus Christi.

Asian Cafe

2233 Airline Road

Asian Cafe is a Chinese restaurant located at 2233 Airline Road in Corpus Christi.

With more than 100 Chinese and Vietnamese options, including soups, fried rice and vegetarian dishes, there is something for everyone at Asian Cafe. Along with sushi and live seafood, the menu features orange chicken, Saigon stir-fried

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A platter of hot, crispy fried chicken is one of the most popular comfort foods — and it’s equally enjoyed during all seasons, especially with an array of sides like coleslaw, corn and biscuits.

Fried chicken is so much a common thread in our shared food culture that in recent years fast food chains have vied for the attention of fans with trending menu items ranging from the Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich to the Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets.

Is it any surprise that this dish is so beloved that it gets its own holiday? National Fried Chicken Day is Tuesday,

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Report Hive Research has published a detailed report on the Ready-to-Eat Food market. This market research report was prepared after considering the COVID-19 impacts and monitoring the market for a minimum of five years. The report provides you with growing market opportunities, revenue drivers, challenges, pricing trends & factors, and future market assessments. Our research team has implemented a robust research methodology that includes SWOT analysis, Porter’s 5 Force analysis, and real-time analysis. Furthermore, they have conducted interviews with the industry experts to offer a report that helps the clients to formulate strategies accordingly.

The global Ready-to-Eat Food Market

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The Atlantic Hotel and Ocean Restaurant’s executive chef, Will Holland, explains to Emily Moore how his Taste Jersey menu is ‘a real showcase of local ingredients and a real exploration of the Island’

FOR most people, a stroll along the beach or a trek over the north-coast cliff paths is a chance to relax and take in some of the Island’s spectacular scenery.

For Will Holland, though, while he appreciates the views, the walk is also a source of inspiration, often triggering an idea which sees him rushing back to the kitchen to create a dish based on

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UNESDA, the association representing Europe’s soft drinks industry, announced enhanced health and nutrition commitments to continue to help Europeans manage their intake of added sugars from soft drinks. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that free sugars, commonly known as added sugar, should make up no more than 10% of our daily energy intake. 

Added sugars is present in almost any processed food, and consumers are increasingly concerned. Last year, a study by

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Some of Europe’s largest pension funds are investing billions of euros in volatile commodity markets, risking the hard-earned income of millions of workers while fuelling a global hunger crisis caused in part by such investments, a new investigation has found.

The findings also raise questions over whether the European Union’s continued drive to deregulate its financial markets will worsen the situation in the future. The rules governing the bloc’s capital markets are currently under review.

  • Pension funds are amongst the financial institutions that have aggravated the problem of investor speculation driving food prices (Photo: European Parliament)

Soaring prices of key

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