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Thousands of people have signed a petition asking late-night host James Corden to give it a rest with a culturally insensitive Late Late Show segment featuring a variety of “gross” foods, many of which happen to be popular in Asian countries.

Called “Spill Your Guts,” the segment gives celebrity guests the option of answering a tough question or consuming one of a handful of food items they’ve been presented with. On a recent episode, fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s spread included balut, fertilized duck eggs popular in Filipino culture, and century eggs, a delicacy in China.

“It’s really disgusting,” Corden

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Planet has joined the newly formed European Carbon+ Farming Coalition to accelerate progress toward European Green Deal carbon neutrality goals. Through this partnership, organizations and stakeholders representing every step of the food value chain will come together to decarbonize the European food system, while maximizing other benefits such as soil health and farmer resilience. The European Carbon+ Farming Coalition was catalyzed by the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group for the European Green Deal and is part of the emerging food and nature platform, 100 Million Farmers, 1 Billion Consumers

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Pho Lang Thang HB25Pho Lang Thang owner Bao Nguyen co-founded Asianati with Koji Sado (Pho Lang Thang food pictured)Photo: Hailey Bollinger

Asianati, a local website and organization dedicated to promoting Asian food, restaurants and culture in the Greater Cincinnati area, started as a shared vision between founders Koji Sado and Bao Nguyen.

When Sado moved to the Queen City in 2007 from Indiana, he says he noticed the Asian American community was not very large here. However, after a four-year assignment in Singapore with P&G, he returned to what felt like something entirely different.

“I realized that the Asian community had

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In an open letter, around 40 supermarkets and food companies, including Aldi, Ahold Delhaize, Metro and Tesco, call on Brazil to revise a controversial bill. They are even threatening to boycott Brazilian agricultural products because they fear further deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest.


Forest fires

In the bill in question, the Brazilian parliament opens the door to legalising the private occupation of public land, writes Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. In an open letter, the European retailers and food companies call the bill an enormous threat to the Amazonian rainforest. They also accuse the Brazilian government of

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United for a responsible food industry – On Monday, the European Commission, along with 65 companies and organisations (26 food manufacturers, 14 food retailers, one from the food service sector, 24 associations) launched an EU ‘Code of Conduct’. It aims to be a landmark of the European long-term strategic vision to transform the way we produce, distribute and consume food.

It is an important chapter within the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy, which aims to translate the green transition into concrete actions for the food system, at every step of the chain.

“We need to make our food system sustainable,

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The term organic is not a guarantee of food safety, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Organic is a way to grow food following specific rules and guidelines, according to a document published by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Organic certification refers to a product made in line with certain standards throughout the production, handling, processing and marketing stages; it does not cover the characteristics of the finished item.

Such standards and regulations may differ between and among countries’ supply chains for regulating chemical use and other requirements for

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