19 Secret Menu Items You Can Try During Asian Food Week May 3-9

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine and Sushi

6600 Dixie Highway, Fairfield

Secret Menu Items: Thai Papaya Salad (papaya salad, sticky rice and grilled chicken; $12.99); Bento Box ($12.99)

Photo: Catie Viox/Provided by Asianati
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Cafe Mochiko

1524 Madison Road, East Walnut Hills

Secret Menu Item: Cincinnati-Style Mazemen ($15)

Photo: facebook.com/mochikocincy” itemprop=”image” />

Queen’s Bakery

4770 Fields Ertel Road, Mason

Secret Menu Items: Fruity Fantasy Tea ($6.98); “Not a Plain Roll” Roll ($9.98); Tea + Roll Combo ($16)

Photo: facebook.com/queensbakerycincy
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Pho Lang Thang

1828 Race St., Over-the-Rhine

Secret Menu Items: Bo Luc Lac Special ($20) — 1. Cháo Ga (Chicken Congee) or Cháo Nam (Mushroom Congee); 2. Side Salad; 3. Bo Luc Lac

Photo: Hailey Bollinger
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Quan Hapa

1331 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine

Secret Menu Items: Papaya Salad, 3 KFC Wings, Ramen or Rice Noodle Bowl ($25)

Photo: facebook.com/quanhapa
” itemprop=”image” />

Ramen Hachi

17 W. Church St., Oxford

Secret Menu Items: Choose a Signature Ramen Bowl, Tuna Poke Sampler, Japanese Gyoza Dumpling, Hachi Pork Bun and Mochi Ice Cream ($22 per set)

Photo: Ramen Hachi Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

Milk Jar Cafe

3880 Paxton Ave., Oakley

Secret Menu Items: Blueberry Matcha Latte (Regular: $4.85); Blueberry Milkies (Regular: $4.75)

Photo: facebook.com/milkjarcincy
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Kiki College Hill

5932 Hamilton Ave., College Hill

Secret Menu Item: Vegetarian Thai Curry Ramen ($12)

Photo: Hailey Bollinger
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Chako Bread & Cake

611 Main St., Covington

Secret Menu Items: Onigiri Bento Set (Two Japanese Riceballs; Salmon Filling), Karaage (Fried Chicken), Potato Salad and Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omlette) ($12)

Photo: facebook.com/chakobakery
” itemprop=”image” />

The Hi-Mark

3229 Riverside Drive, East End

Secret Menu Items: Six Wings, Chili Mac, Wanderer Beer ($20); Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Cup of Chili, Wanderer Beer ($20); 12 Korean BBQ Wings, Cup of Chili, Wanderer Beer ($20)

Photo: facebook.com/thehimark
” itemprop=”image” />

Uncle Yip’s

10736 Reading Road, Evendale

Secret Menu Items: Green Beans Roast Pork ($18.95); Green Beans Shrimp Cake ($15.95); Curry Chicken Hong Kong-Style ($15.95); Soy Sauce Leek Stir-Fried Noodle ($14.95)

Photo: facebook.com/uncleyips
” itemprop=”image” />

Oriental Wok

2444 Madison Road, Hyde Park

Secret Menu Items: Hong Kong Curry Fishballs ($12); Canton Ginger Chicken ($12); Liuzhou Spicy Bamboo Noodles ($15); Cumin Lamb ($21)

Photo: facebook.com/orientalwok
” itemprop=”image” />


26 W. Court St., Downtown

Secret Menu Item: Mexican Bao Buns ($9.50)

Photo: facebook.com/lalocincinnati
” itemprop=”image” />

Stone Bowl Sushi, Ramen, Korean & Japanese Restaurant

3355 Madison Road, Oakley

Secret Menu Item: JapChe Combo Set (JapChe, Salad, Vegan Dumpling, Edamame, Yogurt, Organic fruit) ($16 -$16.80)

Photo: facebook.com/stonebowloakley
” itemprop=”image” />

Baraka Tea House

121 Calhoun St., Clifton Heights

Secret Menu Items: Matcha Roll ($3); Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea ($6); Morning Dragon Latte ($6); Oolong Tea ($5)

Photo: Baraka Tea House Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

Dean’s Mediterranean Imports

108 W. Elder St., Over-the-Rhine

Secret Menu Item: Baba Fries (famous baba ghanouj over crispy steak fries with veggies and sauce) ($5)

Photo: facebook.com/deansmediterranean
” itemprop=”image” />


1606 Main St., Over-the-Rhine

Secret Menu Items: Red Bean Matcha; Strawberry Matcha; Rose Matcha; Sesame Matcha; Ginger Caramel Matcha; Peach Lime Tea (Regular: $3.50, Large: $3.95)

Photo: facebook.com/bobachaonmain
” itemprop=”image” />

Crzy Monk

29 E. Court St., Downtown

Secret Menu Item: Monk’s Quinoa Fried Rice ($TBD)

Photo: facebook.com/monkcincinnati
” itemprop=”image” />

Milk Jar Station

7743 Tylersville Road, West Chester Township

Secret Menu Items: Blueberry Matcha Latte (Regular: $4.85); Blueberry Milkies (Regular: $4.75)

Photo: facebook.com/milkjarcincy” itemprop=”image” />

Fifty restaurants across the Greater Cincinnati area will be participating in the 2021 Asian Food Week from May 3-9. This event kicks off Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and participants can celebrate by trying the diverse range of Asian cuisine that this region has to offer.

Asian Food Week, which launched in November 2020, is produced by the Asianati and the Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati. According to the organizers in a recent release, they felt compelled to start this campaign now because Asian-owned restaurants have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and related anti-Asian sentiment. The event is intended to celebrate a range of Asian cultures and support local Asian restaurants.

In addition to offering three-course prix fixe menus, several participating restaurants have “secret menu items” that customers can order throughout the week. From specialized bento boxes to Korean barbecue, these restaurants are offering unique meals and deals for a limited time.

For more information and specific menu offerings, visit this asianati.com.

*Please note that since most of these are novel menu items, photos may not represent each secret dish.


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