Nothing is certain in life except death, taxes and restaurant openings.

Last year, thousands of restaurants in New Jersey closed after being ravaged by COVID-19. Many people in the restaurant industry said it was the worst year they could remember.

And yet, restaurants still opened. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen cafes, ice cream shops, restaurants run by top chefs, swanky rooftop bars, quick counter-service joints and so much more open. 

The North Jersey dining scene is constantly changing, growing and adapting. And for that, our taste buds are very thankful.

Here’s our guide to every new

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Shef has raised $20 million to expand its homemade meal delivery marketplace. The company helps home chefs connect with customers by handling orders and getting the food delivered, reported TechCrunch (June 2).

Back in 2019, The Food Institute reported that California became the only state to legalize home restaurants by passing the Homemade Food Operations Act. However, more cities are now passing similar laws allowing for home chefs to sell homecooked meals.


Shef works somewhat differently from city to city because of local laws. In some places, the company can tap local delivery networks to get meals

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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – An inspector showed up to a Miami Gardens KFC last week and ordered the place shut.

Roaches were found in several spots were food is stored.

The inspection was based on a complaint.

An inspector was also at China One in Davie last week based on a complaint.

According to the inspection, over 120 roaches were found in the kitchen.

As we reported last week, Susie Lai Chinese Restaurant was ordered shut for the second time this year on May 25th.

According to records, an inspector has been back five times for a re-inspection and has

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Southern Delaware Tourism (SDT) was selected to host one of two meetings this spring of the Eastern Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). The meeting was held at the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach on June 6-9.

In their first in-person meeting since 2019, 17 SATW members, including 12 travel writers, attended the three-day event, which included a full day of professional development featuring a panel of Culinary Coast restaurateurs and marketers discussing why and how Delaware has become such a foodie paradise, as well as what’s new and upcoming.

The day also featured Stephanie Puglisi, head of

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