ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney World has released the menus for the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.

The event begins July 15 and runs through Nov. 20, allowing guests to try dozens of delicious dishes over the 129 days.

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When the festival kicks off, 20 festival-exclusive global marketplaces will open featuring fan favorites, including Appleseed Orchard, Flavors from Fire and Earth Eats.


New spots to try this year include Tangierine Café: Flavors of the

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Montreal-based pizzeria Chez Zac recently transformed its restaurant to an all-vegan pizzeria in an effort to reduce the food waste it was producing with meat products. Though the pizzeria originally offered a vegan menu in addition to meat and vegetarian options, Chez Zac owner Dj Bhate says the vegan pizzas were outperforming the other options. 

“We decided to go plant-based because we were throwing a lot of our meat produce away on a daily and weekly basis,” Bhate told VegNews. “Originally, we did have a vegan menu in addition to having meat and veggie options and the vegan pizzas were

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When we talk about food and climate, we hear a lot about the personal choices we can make to help the planet: minimizing red meat consumption, only buying your favorite fruits and veggies in season, and looking out for shady greenwashing. But the reality of food in an ever-changing climate is that there’s so much beyond our own plates, and even our own countries, that needs to shift. 

One recent study published this month in Nature Communications shows that a serious chunk—we’re talking almost half—of the European Union’s food imports will be coming from locations with high and extremely high

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For Julie Roddier-Fortney and John-Paul Fortney, bringing natural, organic French wines to St. Louis is as much a calling as it is a career path. The couple behind F & R Wine Imports has une passion for wines made with minimal chemical and technological intervention—essentially, wines made with grapes grown, harvested, and vinified without modern manipulation. 

“Natural wine is going back to the definition of what wine is: just fermented grape juice,” says Fortney. It’s a reflection of the climate and soil, adds Roddier-Fortney. 

Long before founding F & R, the couple spent years immersed in the French wine industry

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