An Olive Garden restaurant in Times Square in New York.

Richard Levine | Corbis | Getty Images

As bars and eateries struggle to staff up, several large restaurant chains have announced higher pay to entice workers to apply and stick around.

Eating and drinking places added more than half a million jobs from March through June, according to the Department of Labor. But the unemployment rate for the industry remains elevated, hitting 10% in June, up from 9% the previous month. And warmer weather typically ushers in higher demand for restaurant meals anyway, putting more pressure on employers to add

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With many Americans readying to fire up barbeques and host cookouts in celebration of Fourth of July, a federal agency overseeing food safety has released key tips to prevent food-related illness this holiday.

According to the Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, foodborne illness can be prevented by practicing hand hygiene, using separate cutting boards to avoid cross contamination between meats and fresh produce (or sanitize one board) and cooking and storing foods at safe temperatures.

“If you’re grilling at your picnic, remember to cook raw meat and poultry to a safe minimum internal temperature: ground meats (like

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What inspired you to focus on the food of the Baltic states for your new book, Amber & Rye?

I spent the first eight years of my life in Poland, but my grandma, Halinka, came from Vilnius, Lithuania, and she talked about it so much that even as a child it was somewhere I wanted to explore. After the success of my first book, Polska: New Polish Cooking, it felt like the time had come for Eastern European food to have its moment. I started reading up on the Baltic States, and the cuisine seemed a natural progression from

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Walking around Saratoga Springs or Ballston Spa, one might miss the lush verdant landscapes growing just behind the sprawling homes.

That includes the garden owned and cultivated by master gardener Kimberly Purdy of Saratoga Springs. She mixes perennials with fruits and herbs in a gardening style she describes as “controlled chaos.”

“Whatever flower’s blooming at that time, you can go out in my backyard and it feels like you’re smelling a different perfume that day,” Purdy said.

On Sunday, Purdy’s garden will be available to tour as part of the 26th Soroptimist Secret Gardens Tour.

Organized by Soroptimist International of

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How do you even describe curry? Flavorful, aromatic, rich, creamy and perhaps spicy come to mind. But while those who are familiar with curry have vague ideas of what it is, curry is such a broad category that encompasses such a diverse array of dishes, it’s difficult to explain what is considered curry and what isn’t.

As a second generation Indian American who grew up eating what many would consider “curry,” I never heard the word “curry” at home or in my community — and that’s because the term isn’t Indian at all.

“I think ‘Indian-ish’ is a useful word

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