Like many servers and bartenders around the country,

Ashley Roshitsh,

32 years old, used to love her job—until the pandemic.

She had worked in hospitality since she was 14, eventually bartending at a craft cocktail bar in Birmingham, Ala. But after being furloughed in March 2020, she took stock of the toll that the long hours and late nights had taken on her. “Why do I have arthritis? Years and years of bartending will do that to you,” she says.

In August, she took a customer-service job with Birmingham-based grocery-delivery service Shipt Inc. and says she doesn’t plan on returning

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Here at Food & Wine, we can’t stop thinking about impact. 

This past year and a half has shown that the world can shift under our feet at any given moment. But these challenging times have also proved the power that people with a good idea can have, and the massive and positive difference innovation can make in the world. That’s why we’re choosing to honor and celebrate the people, products, organizations, and movements who are changing the culinary world for the better. 

We are excited to introduce you to Food & Wine‘s inaugural list of Game Changers. 

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“Putting our culinary institute on one of the key marquees in this town, to be able to show how much we have progressed … we are not going to stop here,” Durant said. 

Soules admitted that there were challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial plan was to open the institute last fall, but the ongoing health crisis prevented that from happening. 

Despite those hurdles, Soules revealed that the project came $100,000 under budget. 

For Soules, the facility is a place for students and young entrepreneurs to find their spirit and an “escape for choice and freedom and expression

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