• Net sales surged 20.5% year over year to $19.22 billion, topping expectations of $17.96 billion.
  • Pepsi is seeing a return of demand for its drinks from restaurants and other food-service customers.

We’re performing well against competition: PepsiCo CFO



PepsiCo on Tuesday reported that its quarterly revenue rose more than 20% from a year earlier as restaurant demand for its drinks returned, fueling an earnings beat.

The company also raised its outlook for its full-year adjusted earnings per share growth.

“A lot of the things we did through the pandemic, continuing to invest in the business,

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This week’s Trending Headlines highlights the ongoing challenges facing ranchers in the western states including swarms of grasshoppers and increasing drought conditions. We also take a look at cattle markets and rising food and fuel prices. The blog wraps up with a look at Biden’s executive order to address competition in various industries, as well as an update on the farmer debt forgiveness program and the response from producers across the country.

1. “Cattle are competing against grasshoppers for food in the West’s historic drought. The bugs are winning.” by Rachel Ramirez for CNN

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Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in a circular economy

About the project

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is envisaging a 2-year project on “Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in a circular economy”. Through a participatory foresight process, this project will look to identify potential emerging risks for food and feed safety and the environment in the transition to a circular economy in a holistic and integrated fashion. This will ensure that food and feed safety as well as environmental health considerations are incorporated at an early stage of research or policy initiatives linked to the circular economy.


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As Americans head back to Europe in 2021 or 2022, many are looking for tours or customized packages that allow them to taste the best of European destinations, participate in hands-on cooking classes, or delve into a country’s culinary heritage. Yet, many travelers may not desire a journey that’s totally culinary-themed. Instead, they’re looking for a tour or city-stay package that provides a broader European experience—but still offering some foodie elements.

Here’s a sampling of fun options for foodies:

Amazing Sites, Tasty Delights 

Milan, Italy

Globus offers a northern Italy tour roundtrip from Milan, pictured in the photo above. // Photo by 

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traditional japanese ramen soup with  mushrooms, bok choy, greens in  two black bowls on the orange background, top view, close up

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Perfectly plump ground pork dumplings, a shrimp tempura roll with spicy mayo on top, or Korean fried chicken might be what many people think of when they consider having Chinese, Japanese, or Korean food for dinner. But the traditional cuisines of these East Asian countries are actually chock full of healthy, robust ingredients, and go way beyond these popular dishes.

“The narrative that Asian cuisine is unhealthy is simply untrue. What many consider as ‘unhealthy’ Asian food is often a product of cultural assimilation—the fact that Asians needed to assimilate to American culture in order to make Asian

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