LINCOLN, Neb. (CNN) – When a group of Burger King employees in Nebraska quit their jobs over the working conditions, they left a sign outside the restaurant that read, “We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The staff at a Burger King location in Lincoln, Nebraska, say they were upset by the working conditions at the restaurant, like broken air conditioning in the kitchen that pushed temperatures into the 90s.

Manager Rachael Flores says she ended up at the hospital getting fluids for dehydration. When she gave her two weeks’ notice, so did eight of her staff. At the end

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Despite having to wait because of the COVID-19 pandemic, elementary school students in Providence and Newport will soon be able to enhance their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art and math through lessons centered on diet, nutrition and what happens in the kitchen. The new program, which was supposed to start with a summer camp in the summer of 2020, has gone through an extensive formative evaluation and is being piloted this month by the University of Rhode Island College of Health Sciences in cooperation with URI’s Cooperative Extension Network and community partners 4-H and the Boys & Girls Clubs

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If you love something, let it go and if it was meant to be yours, it will always come back to you. I’m obviously talking about your favorite discontinued fast food items. Specifically, I’m talking about Taco Bell’s fan-favorite menu items that are always leaving and then returning on a seemingly random basis. This time, the chain’s Nacho Fries are back—but they really are better than ever because a whole new version of them is hitting stores this month.

You’ll have to be a little bit patient because Nacho Fries will officially hit Taco Bell stores nationwide again on July

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A new pilot project backed by some of the world’s largest food pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies will begin test­ing an eco-label plat­form on more than 100 prod­ucts sold in the United Kingdom next autumn.

The goal is to offer con­sumers a traf­fic-light style label­ing sys­tem on food pack­ages to let them eval­u­ate at a glance how envi­ron­men­tally friendly the food packs being pur­chased are.

The Mondra and EIT sys­tems are unique glob­ally, in that they both allow two prod­ucts of the same type to be com­pared on their indi­vid­ual mer­its via a com­plete prod­uct life cycle analy­sis.– Jago Pearson, chief strat­egy
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Ben Brown loves to travel, and he loves to eat. So whenever he visits new countries, he often books culinary tours to learn about cities through their culinary culture.

But what has always bugged the 32-year-old Carmel Valley resident about food tours is that they’re on a strict schedule that prohibits lingering in spots he likes, and they’re expensive, because the ticket price includes the cost of the tour guide.

Brown’s frustration led to his creation of TastePro, a new San Diego dining tour business that does away with both the schedule and the guide. Customers visit the company’s

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