• Restaurants are struggling to find staff more than other small businesses, a poll found.
  • 74% of independent restaurant owners say it’s harder to find workers now than before the pandemic.
  • Four in five small businesses told Alignable that their supply costs are higher, too.

The leisure hospitality industry appears to be on its way to recovery after adding 343,000 people payrolls in June, making up 40% of total US job gains – but independent restaurants say they still can’t get enough staff.

Seventy-four percent of independent restaurant owners say it’s harder to find employees than it

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Cat & the Fiddle’s locally-inspired Singaporean Breakfast kopi-o cheesecake.
SINGAPORE – The National Day Parade may have been postponed, dining in banned and social gatherings curtailed, but do not let these restrictions dampen your mood for Singapore’s 56th birthday.

Food and beverage (F&B) businesses are rolling out takeaway and delivery deals, with many coming up with creations specially for National Day.
And what better way to show your patriotism than to support the country’s F&B operators.
The Straits Times checks out eight National Day-inspired items.

1. Singaporean breakfast cheesecake

Robust flavours of locally sourced Nanyang coffee powder are infused into

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Step right up! In the spirit of summer, Krispy Kreme came out with a whole new line of carnival-themed treats, and they’re sweeter than ever. The new summer line features three brand-new limited-edition doughnuts, and they’re the perfect addition to any summer festivity. First up is a caramel apple doughnut that’s filled with caramel-apple-flavored cream, dipped in green-apple icing, drizzled with caramel, and finished with rainbow sprinkles. Uh, yum. Next is a cotton-candy doughnut that’s a glazed doughnut dipped in cotton-candy-flavored icing, covered in cotton-candy sugar, and topped with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles — hi, yes, we’ll take a dozen.

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Researchers from INRAE and the ESA (École Supérieure d’Agricultures d’Angers), together with the SafeConsume H2020 project researchers, conducted a European study on hand washing during the preparation of a raw chicken meal at home. Their results, published on 9 May 2021 in Food Control, highlight a lack of knowledge of the risks associated with handling raw meat in France.

Moreover, their work indicates clear differences between the countries participating in the study, showing the importance of adapting prevention campaigns according to the practices and knowledge of each country.

Hand washing seems to be a simple task but, once implemented,

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Despite being located in the place long known as the land of milk and honey, Jerusalem still seems to fly under the international foodie’s radar. But this storied city, perhaps the world’s original travel destination, has quietly been undergoing a food revolution that’s elevating Middle Eastern cuisine. And word is slowly getting out.

Few food cultures can call on their diaspora quite like Jerusalem. A bounty of ingredients fresh from the soil and the sea, much-loved and well-stocked markets, and innovative chefs from a wide variety of backgrounds combine here to create the perfect recipe for hungry visitors ready

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