• Are grocery stores open on Labor Day? Yes, most are open but Costco clubs are closed Sept. 6.
  • What stores are closed on Labor Day? Major retailers are open but Costco is the big exception.
  • McDonald’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell, IHOP, Dunkin’ and most national chains are open Labor Day.

Consumers wanting to take advantage of the long weekend will find plenty of options for shopping and grabbing a bite on Monday.

Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, most major retailers and grocery stores will be open on Labor Day, a federal holiday dedicated to the achievements of American

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Microwaving food might just require more thought than one would realize.

Or at least that’s what a viral TikTok video is suggesting, which shows three microwave hacks that can help ensure your quick meals are heated evenly.

According to verified TikTok creator and STEM graduate Isabella Avila, home chefs can benefit from placing their dishes on the edge of a microwave plate rather than putting it in the center.


“You know when you reheat food in the microwave and some parts of it are hot enough to burn your mouth

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Exports of food and drink to the EU have suffered a “disastrous” decline in the first half of the year because of Brexit trade barriers, with sales of beef and cheese hit hardest.

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) producers lost £2bn in sales, a dent in revenue that could not be compensated for by the increased sales in the same period to non-EU countries including China and Australia.

Dominic Goudie, head of international trade at the FDF, said: “The return to growth in exports to non-EU markets is welcome news, but it doesn’t make up for the disastrous loss of

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You could easily miss Drummond Street. Just west of Euston Station in central London, it’s an unassuming stretch of townhouses, basement flats, restaurants and shops, easily walked in a couple of minutes.

But look closer, and almost every restaurant and store is South Asian. Menus feature South Indian masala dosa (spiced pancakes), Mumbai-style street food and Lahori lamb kebabs; shop windows display South Asian sweets and savoury snacks; and there’s enough spices, pulses, pickles, pastes and flours to cater an Indian wedding.

Growing up in 1980s London, my family would come here looking for what the suburbs had yet to

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