The fate of chef Emeril Lagasse’s French Quarter restaurant NOLA has been one of the lingering question marks in New Orleans dining through the pandemic. The restaurant, in business for nearly 30 years, has been closed since March 2020 when all restaurants were ordered to suspend indoor dining.

Now a different local restaurant company has leased NOLA’s building, at 534 St. Louis St., and plans to quickly develop a new restaurant in its place.


First opened in 1992, NOLA Restaurant from chef Emeril Lagasse got a new design and menu overhaul in 2017, shown here that year.  (Staff photo by

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European policymakers can fight both rising food costs and climate change by reducing incentives for industrial meat production. Even a 13% cut in the EU’s meat production would be enough to offset the loss of Ukrainian grain exports, reduce food insecurity in developing countries, and ease food price increases.

DENVER/BRUSSELS – European countries are experiencing their worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, owing to surging energy and food costs. COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and climate change have compounded the increase in commodity prices, leading to food shortages and rapidly rising food insecurity in the developing world. But there is good

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Good food isn’t hard to find in San Antonio. As one of only two cities in the entire country recognized as Cities of Gastronomy by UNESCO, San Antonio is brimming with delectable dishes. What is difficult to find is a food tour that not only showcases authentic foods native to San Antonio, but also digs into the heritage of the locals and the history of the foods. Providing this unique combination of food, heritage, and history all in one tour is one of the many reasons that Food Chick Tours is the premier food tour company in San Antonio. 


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Cooking isn’t for everyone, but takeout is an easier way to feed yourself and your family.

National Chinese Take-Out Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 5. So, come this Saturday, ordering to-go would be the wise thing to do.

Rather than getting food from Panda Express, consider ordering takeout from one of these 11 local restaurants in Corpus Christi.

Asian Cafe

2233 Airline Road

With more than 100 Chinese and Vietnamese options, including soups, fried rice and vegetarian dishes, there is something for everyone at Asian Cafe. Along with sushi and live seafood, the menu features orange chicken, Saigon stir-fried

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