The city of San Francisco, California, is known as a city for people who love food, or “foodies.” There are many of award-winning restaurants.

San Franciscans also love dogs. So, dog owner and chef Rahmi Massarweh decided to combine his two loves into one. He has opened the first and only restaurant for dogs.

The restaurant is called Dogue. The name is like the word “vogue,” which means “fashion.” It opened in September in the city’s popular Mission District.

Individual dishes cost around $30. Or, for $75 dollars each, dogs can dine on a multi-course “bone appetite” meal.

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Photograph: Basic American Foods

While a majority of consumers do not follow a strictly plant-based diet, many Americans are increasingly interested in meatless or plant-based dishes when dining out. According to Technomic’s 2021 Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report, 78% of consumers allow all meat, fish and dairy in their diets, but that’s down from 82% in 2016. While plant-based diets are still the minority, restaurants are wisely upping the number of meatless options on menus, both for diners who never eat meat as well as those who are simply curious to try a dish that

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At midnight on 1 October – less than two weeks after 250,000 people queued for up to 24 hours to say farewell to Queen Elizabeth II – a gaggle of Nottingham residents started a queue of their own: outside a former Burger King in the city centre.

Gradually, over the course of the next 11 hours, more and more people joined. Some arrived at 5am, others around 7am; many were wrapped in padded jackets and beanies as they waited to get inside an orange store with “Y’all ready for this?” above the door. This was the launch of Nottingham’s

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Jessica Attie

Clementine’s gnocchi is one of the recipes featured in San Antonio Cooks

Veteran Alamo City food journalist Julia Rosenfeld is releasing a cookbook featuring more than 80 recipes from notable local chefs and cocktail gurus.

San Antonio Cooks (Figure 1 Publishing) will drop Nov. 22, showcasing recipes from culinary powerhouses including Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar’s Kristina Zhao, Best Quality Daughter’s Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin and Quealy Watson, Clementine power couple Elise and John Russ, and Lala’s Gorditas owner Steven Pizzini.

click to enlarge San Antonio Cooks is available for pre-order now. - Courtesy Photo / Figure 1 Publishing

Courtesy Photo / Figure 1 Publishing

San Antonio Cooks is available for

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