Linden Stores, in the Cheshire village of Audlem, has started a whole sharing menu of modern British food, with two people sharing seven dishes including charred pepper and Cornish Quartz cheddar croquettes, hake wrapped in wild boar pancetta and chocolate and peanut butter tart.

Laura Christie and her partner, Chris Boustead, relocated the restaurant to the village from London in 2020. She has been surprised by the reaction.

“We weren’t expecting it to be such a big deal,” said Christie, who grew up in Wirral.

“It was quite a new idea for people. We’re in a small village but it

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Cows fed waste hemp from the cannabis industry produce the psychoactive compound THC in their milk and have altered breathing and heart rate and stand still for ages yawning


14 November 2022

Giving cows waste hemp to eat could make them high or threaten their health

Shutterstock/Birkir Asgeirsson

Dairy cows that eat leftover hemp from the cannabis industry seem high to the point of illness and have potentially unsafe levels of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their milk.

More hemp is grown every year to produce flowers rich in THC and cannabidiol (CBD) for places

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Guenego Limamou (courtesy of cousin Isac Pereira)

Guenego Limamou, a 34-year-old French chef whose favorite Korean food was dak galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken), visited Itaewon on Oct. 29 to explore local eateries in the back alleys of Seoul’s popular nightlife district.

His anticipated trip to learn about the world of Korean cuisine, however, came to a tragic end when the neighborhood became the site of a disaster.

He was among the 156 people who died in the fatal crowd crush in Itaewon.

“He planned to create some French dishes blended with Korean flavors. To find inspirations for new dishes, he

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