The manager of a Thai restaurant in Northern California was attacked last week by a man who was told he couldn’t have his food for free. 

Other diners in the establishment went running from their tables for safety and some rushed to help the victim.

The incident occurred on Nov. 9 at an unspecified restaurant in Berkeley on Shattuck Avenue, Fox San Francisco reported. 

“A man came into the restaurant, and he demanded some free food,” Berkeley Officer Byron White said. 


A California restaurant manager was

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The operator of the Pythian Market on Loyola Street in New Orleans’ Central Business District has been served with an eviction notice for failing to pay more than $2.5 million in back rent, throwing into question the future of the popular food hall and its 10 vendors.

Local investment group ERG Enterprises, which owns the historic, nine-story Pythian Building that is home to the food hall, filed the court papers earlier this week. ERG seeks to evict Pythian Public Market LLC, which operates the first-floor food hall and also an event venue on the second and third floors.

ERG executives

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As culinary tourism increases in popularity, more destinations around the world are offering options that pair food and travel, whether you’re craving an agro-tourism experience in a pastoral setting or a bustling city walking tour. From aspirational Italian adventures to close-to-home gems in Newfoundland, here are some of the world’s best culinary travel experiences to consider for your next foodie vacation.

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Calabria Food and Wine Tour, Calabria, Italy

When it comes to culinary vacations, Italy is one of the top destinations. If you’re seeking

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When dining out, you first have to choose where to eat, which ultimately depends on what type of cuisine you’re craving. It seems easy enough; however, sometimes, it’s just so hard to decide. Luckily, the struggle is over, and it’s all thanks to Long Beach Market and Deli. A unique fusion restaurant, it serves up local favorites as well as an array of Asian dishes.

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