Wednesday May 31, 2023

Pink sauce, butter boards and more

Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are hubs for the all the latest food trends, but TikTok in particular continues to bring about very interesting culinary creations.

We’re all looking for ways to spice up our meals or just have a little fun in the kitchen, which is why it’s no surprise that #foodtiktok pulled in 106.6 billion views in 2022.

But some food trends reigned supreme and raked in the most views on the app this year — and had users doing taste tests across the globe.

Chiquito, a restaurant chain in the U.K., sourced the food trends

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After deadly Buffalo blizzard, families scramble to find food

Families in western New York were scrambling to find food, medicine and other essentials Monday after a historic blizzard blocked roads and cut off electricity, forcing many major supermarkets and pharmacies to close. 

In Buffalo, where at least 18 people have died, the two largest supermarket chains have been closed since Friday as the latest forecast called for another 6 to 12 inches of snow.

“There are no stores open. It’s whatever you can grab,” said Scott McCandless, 54, who lives in Orchard Park, a suburb southeast of Buffalo.

Surrounded by snow Sunday night, McCandless ate a bowl of generic

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How could probiotics be used in the management of gingivitis and periodontitis?

Probiotic-based therapeutic approaches are relatively new to the field of clinical dentistry. According to a recent review published in Frontiers in Dental Medicine, probiotic-based therapy in conjunction with established treatment regimens can effectively combat gingivitis and periodontitis.

Study: Probiotics in the Management of Gingivitis and Periodontitis. A Review. Image Credit: Lightspring/ShutterstockStudy: Probiotics in the Management of Gingivitis and Periodontitis. A Review. Image Credit: Lightspring/Shutterstock

Oral microbiome 

The human microbiome consists of millions of microorganisms that inhabit various body parts, including the gut, oral cavity, skin, and mucosa. The oral microbiome is the second largest microbial community in humans after the gut microbiome. The oral epithelia are infested with many bacteria, forming the bacterial

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The 12 best Chinese food restaurants in Houston

As one of the most diverse cities in the nation, Houston rocks a medley of cultures that give rise to one very exciting food scene. That food scene includes a sprawling Chinatown—often known as Asiatown to be inclusive of the many non-Chinese restaurants there, from Vietnamese to Korean—in addition to Katy Asian Town in the western suburb. Across neighborhoods, the entire city is bustling with restaurants and hole-in-the-wall mom and pops offering cuisine that spans Southeast Asia, including some of the greatest Chinese food outside of China itself, as these best Chinese restaurants in Houston prove.

If you hail from

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A Christmas to Remember with Manifesto: European + Asian Cuisine

There is a new restaurant that’s waiting to be discovered and it is located at the heart of Makati City. Manifesto: European + Asian Cuisine is highly recommended for those on the lookout for a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy delicious meals amid the bustling and exhilarating city rush these days.

I discovered Manifesto at a time when it is logically a bad idea to go to the popular commercial centers in the area to enjoy restaurant dining. This is the season when it is wiser to keep away from the malls and popular food centers in the metro

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Why this dreadful Oakland restaurant tastes like gentrification

The first thing you notice when you enter Calavera, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Uptown Oakland, is the imposing scale of the place: the large dining room, lined with exposed brick and a wall of cross-hatched shelves holding a litany of mezcals, sits below a tall, raftered ceiling. Colorful sculptures of spirits called alebrijes, figures you might have seen in the Pixar flick “Coco,” line another set of shelves. The spacious room, and its adjacent patio, are often packed with young professionals, many from nearby apartment and condo buildings that have gone up in the boom that has transformed this … Read more

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