With more food content available online than ever before, home cooks, creators and chefs alike are trying their hands at a vast array of trends, shared cooking tips, culinary adventures and all-day cravings, while keeping the cost of ingredients top of mind and seeking out easy recipes for simple, satiating dishes.

From viral recipes taking off on TikTok to changes in consumer habits amid rising food costs, this year was a whirlwind of culinary trends.

Eighty-three percent of Americans viewed food and recipe content on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, with 61% viewing content weekly or

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EVANSVILLE — We’re bringing you Tri-State restaurant happenings and food news you need to know. Here’s the latest.

Get ready for Pizza Week

Evansville Pizza Week, will have its fourth annual run from Jan. 8-14. A dozen or more pizza restaurants in Evansville will offer special $8 pizza deals. It might be a popular menu item, a special meal bundle or a creative off-menu special. Watch for more details on Facebook.com/EvansvillePizzaWeek.

Kickstart your health with these healthy eating classes

Food for Life instructor Susannah Dickman of Eat Plants be Well will be offering two Kickstart your Health one-day classes

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Uncertainty loomed over Europe’s economy this year as the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine took its toll, even as the continent struggled to recover from the fallout of the pandemic.

On the eve of Feb. 24, few expected the eruption of the war that has so far resulted in 17,595 civilian casualties, including 6,826 deaths and tens of millions facing “potential danger of death,” according to UN figures.

Since then, war-driven shocks including surging energy prices, crises of food supply, faster-than-expected monetary tightening, subsidies, and inflation have emerged as major economic issues faced the continent.

Reflecting this turbulence,

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Celebrate snow and cowhand culture

See elaborate snow sculptures, enjoy fat bike trails and curling rinks, and watch teams of horses and riders skijor through Banff during the Canadian town’s free SnowDays event, Jan. 18-29. Artists will turn 30-cubic-meter blocks of snow into sculptures with winter and mountain-culture themes — see those sculptures on display along Banff Avenue. Head to Play Zone at Banff High School Wednesdays through Sundays during SnowDays where you’ll

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For the Chinese community in India, food serves as a unifier and a means of retaining their cultural identity

Credit: Edward Liao

With my meagre pocket money when I was in college, Matunga’s lush, green locality promised quite a few culinary gems. Besides the popular haunts like Cafe Madras, Ramashray and the student-favourite DP’s, a hole-in-the-wall establishment always stood out. Chinaman, with its lacklustre tables and dimly-lit ambience, has always been a hit with students, thanks to its vast portions of atomic-orange coloured triple schezwan rice, chilly chicken and more. It was desi Chinese in its most authentic form, and

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Some beloved restaurants struggled last year. This year could be worse

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