As inflation bites into people’s wallets, eating out is set to get even more expensive in Canada this year.

That’s according to Restaurants Canada, a national food service association with almost 30,000 members across the country.

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Food prices set to rise another 5-7% in 2023 after record inflation year: report

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Canadians in Mexico advised to take shelter as cartel violence breaks out in streets

With food prices soaring amid decades-high inflation, Canadians have already seen their grocery and restaurant bills go up, and that is only expected to continue in the new year, said Kelly Higginson,

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EFSA approved packaging from Greiner Packaging.

Greiner Packaging was one of several companies to get the go-ahead from the European Food Safety Authority to recycle post-consumer PET into 100% recycled-content food and drink packaging. | Courtesy of Greiner

A scientific review panel has given the green light to several different technologies to recycle post-consumer PET and polyolefins into 100% recycled-content food and drink packaging.

Over the past six months, a panel at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reviewed PET recycling technologies from EREMA, Kreyenborg and Starlinger. The committee, which is called the Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes and Processing Aids (CEP), also reviewed

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