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Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Dishes that are an aggressive mash-up of global flavors — like sashimi tostadas and tandoori spaghetti — will hit restaurant menus in 2023, a style that’s been dubbed “chaos cooking,” food prognosticators say.

  • Those concoctions will live or die depending on how well they play on TikTok, the latest must-use channel for restaurateurs.

Why it matters: With dining out almost back to pre-pandemic levels, people continue to crave novelty in their meals as well as video-friendly foods they can show off to their friends (butter boards, anyone?).

  • Still, restaurants are struggling to manage soaring food prices and
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Volunteers trying to provide food to Regina residents experiencing homelessness have been left confused after the city abruptly changed the rules for its warming bus.

Carrie Kotylak is a volunteer with the small grassroots organization Warm Meal Planning Team. The group of about 10 people spent the last three weeks providing meals to those using the city-run warming bus.

That all changed Thursday when they arrived to a find a new sign on the bus saying food and drink donations would no longer be accepted and that donations should instead be taken to All Nations Hope Network on Fifth Avenue. 

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Many popular grocery store items, from beef to coffee, have a dark side. They’re often grown on land where forests were cut down.

That means that when you shop, you might be inadvertently contributing to the ongoing destruction of nature. And much of it is happening in the Amazon rainforest and Congo Basin — two of the most important ecosystems on Earth.

That’s the bad news.

But thankfully, there’s good news, too. In December, the European Union agreed on a landmark law to prevent companies from selling beef, coffee, and a handful of other commodities in the EU if they’re

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MICHELIN Guide Inspectors spend the year on the road uncovering the best restaurants to recommend—and what they’ve found is too good to keep a secret. Whet your appetite with a sneak peek of the 2023 MICHELIN Guide New York—14 new additions across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester. Bon appétit!


C as in Charlie (Greenwich Village) 

Cuisine: Fusion
Chef Eric JaeHo Choi’s spot flies under the radar, but with this wildly creative, cultural collision cooking, it deserves to be top of mind. They’re having plenty of fun from start to finish with items such as Seoul’sbury steak with galbi jus

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Jeremy Clarkson has reportedly closed a restaurant at his Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds, following a planning row.

The former Top Gear star, who now appears in Amazon Prime’sThe Grand Tourand Clarkson’s Farm, opened the venue in a barn last July, where there is also a farm shop.

The restaurant, which was situated in a field at the 1000 acre site, prompted protests from people living in the village of Chadlington.

Many locals claimed

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