Grain is once again leaving Ukrainian ports. The price of fertilizer is falling sharply. Billions of dollars in aid has been mobilized.

Yet the world is still in the grips of the worst food crisis in modern history, as Russia’s war in Ukraine shakes global agricultural systems already grappling with the effects of extreme weather and the pandemic. Market conditions may have improved in recent months, but experts do not expect imminent relief.

That means more pain for vulnerable communities already struggling with hunger. It also boosts the risk of starvation and famine in countries such as

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A TikTok star who went viral for posting videos of himself eating bizarre snacks and expired food has died aged 33.

Taylor LeJeune – who was known online as Waffler69 – had 1.8 million followers on TikTok, where he posted videos showing him eating odd and sometimes expired food, including canned ham from 1960, reindeer meat and baby food.

Clayton Claydorm, Taylor’s brother, told fans the news in a TikTok video.

“My brother Taylor… has passed away around 10pm on January 11th, 2023, from a presumed heart attack,” he said.

“He was rushed to the hospital, and I want

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In Houston, there’s no shortage of ways to ring in the Year of the Rabbit, which begins on Jan. 22. From Asiatown to the Post Houston food hall’s party with the “House of Ho” cast, many restaurants will offer menus with food and drink specials throughout the duration of the two-week holiday.

Here are some of the top highlights for a celebratory feast.

Fung’s Kitchen

Peking duck at Fung’s Kitchen.

Mai Pham/Contributor

Fung’s Kitchen, a mainstay among Chinese restaurants in Houston, is popular for its weekend dim sum and Hong Kong-style fare. The family-owned spot reopened in November 2022 after

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Calgary has long had a nice sprinkling of Thai restaurants and most avid diners have a favourite spot to get their tom kha gai soup or peanut-rich swimming rama. Chef Sawanya Clarke of the new Thai Siam restaurant thought she could bring her own flair to a Thai food scene that is branching out beyond the ubiquitous pad Thai and curry dishes.

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If you don’t show up for your dental appointment, there’s a chance you could get charged for it.

Miss your flight and need to re-book, you’ll likely pay.

Skip that physio for your rotator cuff and you could get stuck with the bill.

But what about your restaurant reservation?

Changes to bookings on busy nights, granted, are a part of the industry. But they also cause more work for staff as it discombobulates table arrangements and alters staffing calculations and food orders.

Last-minute cancellations — and worse, no-shows — can have a significant impact on a business and many local

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