Italy has pizza, Japan has sushi but Saskatchewan has a different kind of famous delicacy — the rink burger.

Rink burgers are a staple for hockey players, figure skaters and curlers across the province. Every town and rink claims theirs is the best, so CBC’s Blue Sky host Garth Materie decided to ask for recommendations on which arena has the best bites.

Todd Devonshire described hockey arenas as his second home growing up. He says having a rink burger basically every weekend throughout his youth hockey career had such an impact on his life that he even titled his memoir 

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05 Jan 2023 — The European Commission has granted Novel Food status to FermentIQ MLL and PTP, two of mycelia protein producer MycoTechnology’s main ingredient products. 

They are produced using a patented mycelial fermentation platform that improves the sensory, functional, and nutritional attributes of plant protein.

This approval opens the door for the US-based corporation to expand into the European market and beyond, notes Alan Hahn, MycoTechnology’s CEO.

“Authorization means we can now offer food and beverage manufacturers access to our plant protein in Europe for the first time,” he explains. 

“FermentIQ is a transformative plant protein

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Do you want to experience the “real Italy”? The popular Free Press Top 10 Takeover dining series is going global, building on culture and memories being shared at the dinner table among family and friends. This spring, the Detroit Free Press is looking to capture that feeling and is taking its popular Top 10 Takeover dining series global, heading to Abruzzo, Italy.   

Details of Takeover Goes Global: Italy 2023 were announced and the culinary vacation tour package is on sale at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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This Italian culinary vacation is based on “the real Italy” as seen

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I always think that New Year’s eve falls a bit too close to Christmas to be made the most of. We’re all too full and knackered to lean into yet more celebrations so soon, and lack the headspace to make resolutions for the year ahead. Chinese New Year, on the other hand, which falls next Sunday, is so well timed that everyone might want to mark it. Not only do we have the renewed energy to think about another feast, the food associated with the Spring Festival is exactly what we should be eating at this time of the year:

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