Explorative foodies in the U.S. are trading in sweet oatmeal for savory oat dishes that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In recent weeks, food bloggers, professional cooks and general oatmeal lovers have been sharing “savory oatmeal” recipes on various visual-focused social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

“Savory oatmeal is oatmeal that isn’t made to be sweet,” Jasmine Mitchell of Belleville, Michigan, a viral video creator and pastry chef at J.Carmel’s Bake Goods told Fox News Digital.


The trending

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Amanda Drescher knows what it’s like to have to stretch her food budget.

The Clearwater, B.C., woman first started to figure out techniques to save money when her husband was laid off, and she had just started her maternity leave.

“All we had was my EI, which worked out to be $14 above the mortgage every two weeks, so we went through our savings real quick.”

She went online to find out ways to save money but couldn’t find the types of practical tips she was looking for. That led her to compile her own list of resources.

Now she

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In a bid to tackle food price increases themselves, Klaus Grunert explains to New Food why consumers might be “reshuffling” their purchases to navigate food inflation and potential food shortages.

With the inflation rate for food in the European Union (EU) reaching a high in October 2022 of 17.26 percent, how are consumers in Europe altering their shopping habits to cope with price increases?

According to a study, 53 percent of European consumers are “strongly worried” about food shortages and have altered their spending to cope with food inflation.

Some of the key changes observed in the study include shoppers

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Popular travel guidance website Tripadvisor has just announced the winners of its 2023 Travelers Choice Best of the Best awards. The epic list highlights the top destinations across six categories and is based on millions of reviews provided by Tripadvisor users. Categories include best nature destinations, top places for culture, favorite food destinations, the best places to ski, the hottest trending places, and the most popular destinations.

The top destinations from each category are below:

Top Nature Destination: Mauritius

The remote tropical island of Mauritius has been chosen as the best destination

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Published January 18, 2023

OCM Globe Inc. hosted the press conference for its 5th Annual Authentic Chinese Food Expo on January 12, at the Sheraton Los Angeles.  The exhibition invited hundreds of guests from supermarket managers, restaurant food wholesalers, restaurant owners and business elites from all over the United States to participate in the exhibition; brand partners who could not come to the scene for various reasons also sent videos to deliver Wishes for the new year.


OCM Chairman Mr. Gang Wang traveled all the way from China for this festive annual event.  Members of Congress, Los

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The popular Dine Around festival has returned to the Okanagan where more than 70 restaurants throughout B.C.’s Interior offer fine dining at low prices.

Over the next three weeks, Okanagan residents will get their chance to choose from a special menu and a variety of restaurants.

“You can visit more than 70 in the B.C. interior and enjoy a three-course menu for $25 through to $65. We have every kind of restaurant, every type of food whether you want burgers or pizza or steak and lobster,” said Christina Ferreira, Dine Around Interior program manager.

Click to play video: 'Okanagan Hot Chocolate Festival begins'

Okanagan Hot Chocolate Festival begins

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