Does food belong in your skin care routine? I tried (and talked to experts about) some of TikTok’s most popular food-as-beauty-products trends. (Photos: Jamie Davis Smith)

Great skin doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve tons of synthetic ingredients. Many TikTokers are turning to their pantries, using food as a natural, organic and effective skin care remedy.

I’d be thrilled to finally stop spending hundreds of dollars a year on lotions and face masks, instead running to the supermarket for the magic potion that will prevent wrinkles and give me glowing skin, so I tried some TikTok-recommended home remedies.

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  • Poland says it is planning to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine
  • Germany hints at approval as allies put on pressure
  • President Zelenskiy grapples with corruption scandal
  • Russia says tank debate shows NATO split

WARSAW/BRUSSELS Jan 23 (Reuters) – Germany is not blocking the re-export of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, the European Union’s top diplomat said on Monday, after Poland vowed to send some as long as other countries did too.

The Kyiv government wants the German-made Leopard 2, one of the most widely used Western tanks, to help it break through Russian lines and recapture territory this year.

Germany, which

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WESTPORT — Stacy Silva-Boutwell has her fingers in many pies.

To many in the SouthCoast and beyond this Westport resident is known as the Portuguese American Mom, with a blog, cookbook, and bakery and tea shop under her apron string.

Now she has some new, exciting projects cooking, one of which takes her across the Atlantic to share her gastronomic know-how with travelers through an immersive 10-day cultural and culinary experience.

Silva-Boutwell has partnered with Fall River-based travel agency Sagres Vacations to lead an intimate, hands-on tour of São Miguel, the largest island in the archipelago of the Azores, Portugal,

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Meika Clarke was 13 months old in Jiangxi, China, when she was adopted by an Ontario family.

Now, more than 26 years later, she’s learning to connect with her Chinese heritage on Lunar New Year. 

“I’ve never gotten the opportunity to celebrate my Chinese identity,” Clarke said.

Asian Adoptees of Canada (AAC), a non-profit which aims to help connect and support the Asian adoptee community within Canada, hosted a meetup Sunday to celebrate festivities in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Lunar New Year Toronto
More than a dozen adoptees from China and Korea gathered at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant on Sunday to celebrate the Lunar New
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Who started the rumour that Canadians are polite? Most, sure. All? Definitely not. Just ask the restaurant staff on the receiving end of invective, expletives and other assorted not-so-niceties. And these aren’t pedestrian party fouls—we’re talking mid-meal pedicures, late-night larceny and big drinkers blowing a fuse. We asked industry insiders for the stories that have stuck with them. Here, a ranking of the worst of the worst.

The Skeptic

11“I was working in a sushi restaurant, and one guest tried to argue that the mango in the mango sushi roll wasn’t mango. It was. Why wouldn’t it be? What

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