Monkeys are not far from humans when it comes to bringing up their children. A video going around the internet shows how monkeys worry about their children getting food from strangers. It is a common practise among humans from around the world to teach their children to be wary of food offered by strangers. Nobody knew, however, that even monkeys in the wild were concerned about the same thing.   

Video Of Monkey Teaching Its Child A Food Lesson Goes Viral

Monkey Teaches Child To Not Take Food From Strangers

In the video taking the internet by storm, a monkey mama is seen snacking on a fruit while a

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A Chinese food blogger has been fined about $18,500 after she posted a video last year that showed her buying, preparing and eating a great white shark, an animal that is protected in China. 

The food blogger, who goes by the name Tizi, posted the video on Chinese social media site Douyin that showed her buying the shark, which appears to be about six feet in length, and then preparing it two ways: grilled over an open fire and sautéed in a wok. She then picks up the part of the shark that was grilled and tears strips off with

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Yoo Jeung has been running Le Spot St-Denis, at the corner of Duluth Avenue and St-Denis Street for 22 years. Her flower shop is supposedly right next to the top-rated restaurant in Montreal on Tripadvisor, Le Nouveau Duluth, but she says she’s never heard of it.

She says she knows the area very well and tourists often ask her for directions to restaurants.

“But Nouveau Duluth? No,” she said — and something about the online listing seemed off to her.

“There’s a very high ceiling [in the photos],” she said. “On Duluth there are no high ceilings … it looks

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