Mushrooms were declared the “2022 Ingredient of the Year” by the New York Times, and the momentum of this celebrity plant-based star is still going strong.

Breakfast Fresh whole button Champignon mushrooms

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Mushrooms are trending in food and wellness and are inspiring the runway and home decor. Couture designers are adding mushroom imagery to clothes, and they are even using mushrooms to make vegan leather.

Designer Stella McCartney recently launched a line of clothes and bags made with fungi-derived leather. This vegan leather substitute – made from mycelium, the threads from the root structure of mushrooms – is also being used to make shoes.

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Food banks have faced what they call the “hardest winter yet” amid increasing costs in Europe. Because of this, JustServe in the Church’s Europe North Area has been encouraging volunteers to support food-related charities. is a website and app where charitable organizations and community groups can list their needs for volunteers. Jane and Paul Elvidge oversee JustServe in the Europe North Area and created a campaign called Harvest Appeal in October 2022.

With support from the area presidency, the Elvidges asked stake presidents and stake Relief Society presidents to invite their members to get involved, reported the Church’s U.K.

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From iconic cheesesteaks to award-winning restaurants, Philadelphia offers food that runs the gamut for groups

Bring up Philadelphia food to someone who’s never been, and odds are cheesesteaks and soft pretzels will lead the discussion. With many award-winning chefs calling the City of Brotherly love home, as well as an abundance of authentic global restaurants, Philadelphia is much more than its beloved signature dishes. Rather, Philly offers an assortment of interesting culinary experiences for visitors to the city, including those in groups. Visitors are encouraged to set aside multiple days to explore Philadelphia’s ever-growing culinary experiences and dining options. .

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