We all know that cultural curiosity drives cultural awareness. But what’s cultural awareness? The dictionary definition describes it as “the understanding of the differences between us and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially in the differences in attitudes and values.” Extending from that theory, cultural curiosity is nothing but the desire or eagerness to learn and understand those values and appreciate their heritage and how that shapes them as individuals or a community. It helps us to develop a new perspective on the world, makes us more sensitive to other cultures, and accepting of change and newness. And

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Windsor’s Market Square’s food market will be closing after 25 years, the owners announced Monday.

“After 25 years of offering the community a live vendor market experience, this past week, [we] met with the existing six market vendors to inform them that the first floor’s market area will close at the end of March 2023,” a statement from the owners said.

The existing market vendors have been renting their areas month-to-month from the owners of Market Square. The owners say The Harvest Table Restaurant at the front of the Market

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The European Commission has pub­lished an analy­sis by var­i­ous com­mis­sion ser­vices on the main dri­vers affect­ing food secu­rity in European Union mem­ber states.

Food secu­rity is defined as when all peo­ple, at all times, have phys­i­cal and eco­nomic access to suf­fi­cient, safe and nutri­tious food that meets their dietary needs and food pref­er­ences for an active and healthy life.”

The analy­sis iden­ti­fied the effects of dif­fer­ent fac­tors on food secu­rity, includ­ing cli­mate change, bio­di­ver­sity loss and the degra­da­tion of the envi­ron­ment, the food sup­ply chain and polit­i­cal and socio-cul­tural fac­tors.

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Welcome to Sardinia, a fascinating island where the land is rich in history, culture, and culinary delights. Tourissimo is thrilled to present a 7-day “Blue Zone” culinary cycling tour of Sardinia hosted by the renowned Chef Gabrielle Hamilton. This culinary tour is designed for those who want to discover the authentic tastes of Sardinia while enjoying scenic and traffic-free roads.

Sardinia coastline in the Mediterranean

Sardinia is a magical place that many travelers describe as being a continent unto itself, with each area and town having diverse landscapes and local traditions. The food and wine of Sardinia are just as varied and unique as the

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