Pearl Morissette is looking to expand, offering overnight suites on its Jordan property.Pearl Morissette is looking to expand, offering overnight suites on its Jordan property.

Guests visiting a popular winery and restaurant in Jordan may soon be able to spend the night, if all goes according to plan.

Pearl Morissette is planning an expansion of its Jordan Road facilities with accommodation suites for patrons who wish to stay overnight.

The project would merge the southern parcel, which includes a winery, vineyard, bakehouse and restaurant, with the northern part, which is currently vacant.

The new additions would be a permanent feature on the property and would include an outdoor patio and a seasonal dining tent, as well as two buildings with glass walls and minimalist design

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Ask any Korean what their favorite street food is and, most likely, at the top of the list will be tteokbokki — the pillowy soft rice cakes doused in a sticky red pepper sauce. Now the dish is gaining traction in the U.S. thanks to a confluence of Korean popular culture and accessibility. 

Pre-packaged versions of the food have started popping up at national wholesalers like Costco, online sales are spiking and tteokbokki-specific restaurants are expanding. There also was, of course, that moment BTS singer Jimin helped make it a trending item on social media when he was spotted eating

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This week in travel news: The European Commission will start charging for a new visa waiver scheme next year, plus our pick of Croatian and Italian destinations and new Asian hotels.

The long-anticipated ETIAS visa waiver scheme, which will require all non-EU passport holders to get pre-trip permission to enter the bloc, was supposed to launch by November this year. But it

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Dominique Crenn is one of the world’s best chefs. Her San Francisco restaurant Atelier Crenn holds three Michelin stars, and it’s one of the hardest to get (and most expensive) reservations in town. Naturally, she has a well-earned following. So, if you’re one of her ardent supporters, or just want to hang out in France with Crenn and a small group of culinary adventurers, now you can.

Crenn has partnered with Satopia Travel to host a five-day, four-night trip in the Cognac region of France from May 24 to 28. The experience promises to blend molecular gastronomy with art, and

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For Ryan and Keenan Tham, running a restaurant was a no-brainer. Much of their childhood was spent around the clamour of pots and pans, and the bustling energy of a kitchen service, thanks to their father Henry who was also a restaurateur.

In a way, the brothers always knew they would end up in the restaurant business, especially once they returned to India after completing their education abroad. They placed their first bet on a nightclub, Trilogy, which they set up in Mumbai in 2010. Apart from this, they also run a string of restaurants across Mumbai such as

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