Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Odd ‘pickles-in-a-blanket’ snack is TikTok’s viral food trend after user shares the ‘guilty pleasure’

Pickles and cheese aren’t a common food combination outside of sandwiches, but a TikTok user has convinced social media users to try the unusual “pickle-in-a-blanket” combo.

Claire Snyder, a TikTok content creator who has over 49,100 followers and a social media bio that says she’s “just tryna laugh,” shared a pickle and fried cheese recipe she likes to make as a “guilty pleasure” snack earlier this year.

“So, I had the sudden urge to share my guilty pleasure snack on here because my husband says it’s gross, but I think I can find someone else out there who either makes

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Marchers bid farewell to storied, controversial Rideau Street McDonald’s

Marchers in costumes walk down a busy urban street.
Hundreds of people marched from Confederation Park to 99 Rideau St. on March 19, 2023, to bid farewell to the McDonald’s restaurant that has stood there since 1985. (Avanthika Anand/CBC)

Outside the Rideau Street McDonald’s, Frederick Renaud and Kimberley Sipes stand together, asking passersby to spare any change — something they say they’ve done every day for the last six months. 

The duo were surprised Sunday afternoon to see hundreds of people marching in their direction, some dressed as Ronald McDonald or boxes of french fries, carrying banners that read “Rideau McDonald’s Farewell March.”

Wide-eyed, Sipes turned to Renaud and

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As Japan commits to cultivated meat, will Europe be left behind?

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced plans to develop a cultivated meat industry.

“We will develop an environment to create a new market, such as efforts to ensure safety and development of labelling rules, and foster a food tech business originating in Japan,” ​he said, as reported by the Japan Economic Newspaper.

In Japan, no clear definition of cultured meat as food currently exists, nor have safety standards for raw materials and manufacturing processes been established. But the Government has shown willingness to advance this process.

“Food tech, including cellular foods, is an important technology from the perspective of

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Take a 9-day foodie tour of Vietnam

Riding a scooter through the streets of Hanoi in Vietnam is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to attempt. Patrick Radden Keefe’s 2017 New Yorker profile of Anthony Bourdain described it thusly, “Bourdain told me that the only way to see Hanoi was on the back of a scooter: ‘To be anonymous, another helmeted figure in the middle of a million little dramas and comedies happening on a million bikes moving through this amazing city – every second is pure joy.’”

And pure joy is how I would describe my recent conversation with

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Food reviewer eats MS gas station Chinese food on Facebook

Stafford Shurden’s one-man tailgate food review show returned to South Mississippi for another gas station dish.

As part of the popular Facebook series that has garnered thousands of followers, Shurden stopped at a Gautier gas station and enjoyed an Asian dish featuring crab rangoon and General Tso’s chicken.

Shurden entered the 1st Stop on Gautier Vancleave road expecting food that was “just going to be Chinese food,” but had his expectations surpassed by the rangoons and the egg rolls.

From the tailgate of his traveling campaign, Shurden tried rangoons that he said were more savory than sweet thanks to a

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