Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Tired of tipping? These restaurants have ditched the practice

In addition to the creamy risotto with charred gai lan and plump prawn and ricotta dumplings, there’s another line getting attention in the menu of Parkdale’s new Then and Now restuarant. It reads: “We provide a living wage to all team members, so tips are optional but not required.”

Refreshing to many customers at a time when they’re bombarded with gratuity requests on every purchase they make.

“We had a guest who, when we asked how their experience at the restaurant was, said the main draw was the non-tipping option,” said Then and Now proprietor Eric Y. Wang. “I think

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Yemen: Donated UN food aid for the most needy sold in markets to boost stallholders’ profits | World News

A Sky News team inside Yemen has discovered shocking evidence that donated UN food aid meant for the most needy is instead being sold in street markets to help boost stallholders’ profits.

We found that donated cans of vegetable oil with World Food Programme (WFP) stamps on them were among the essential food items being sold in the province of Hodeidah. Alongside the WFP stamp, there were clear signs in English on the can saying “not for sale”.

In the same market stall in al Khokha, our investigations revealed sacks of flour and rice, also with large lettering saying “not

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10 Culinary Tours To Explore The Country & Its Food

Those who truly want to know Italy in all its cultural, geographical, and social diversity must, at some point, embark on a culinary tour of the country. Start from the north, where the mountainous terrain and farming traditions influence rich, creamy sauces, meaty dishes, and polenta as the mountains open to the wide sea in the south, light oil-based sauces and fresh seafood take precedence. The choice of wines and cheese changes with the produce across the country, as does the region’s street food. What better way to get to know Italy than through a food tour (or two)?


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The Delicious Universe of Asian Culinary Comics

Illustrator Linda Yi’s recipe for “smacked cucumber,” a classic summertime Chinese snack, is more than a list of ingredients and instructions. It’s a full-color comic strip, complete with speech bubbles offering supportive cooking advice, sound effects (“SMACK!”) and a cat and panda beating up a cucumber.

When it comes to telling stories about food, “there’s so much that you can do with both words and pictures,” Yi says. Across North America, a generation of Asian cartoonists have come to the same conclusion. The last decade has seen a flurry of illustrated Korean cookbooks, one-panel satirical comics about South Asian chai,

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