Affordable pan-Asian food at Teriyaki, Dhanmondi

The newest addition to Dhanmondi’s bustling food scene is Teriyaki offering a diverse array of pan-Asian flavors. Just a couple of years ago, Dhanmondi had only a handful of options for pan-Asian cuisine. However, this initiative has proven to be a success, garnering a dedicated clientele, including students.

Chairman Mohammad Assif Ullah shared: “Approximately two years ago, we ventured into a market where there were no pan-Asian restaurants or diverse dining options available. Since then, the food landscape in Dhanmondi has undergone a significant transformation, becoming more eclectic and diverse.”


For starters, we indulged in the classic calamari rings paired with tartar sauce. The tartar sauce provided the perfect touch of acidity to complement the salty and savory rings. However, stealing the spotlight were the deep-fried shrimp cheung fun. These rolls boasted a crispy exterior and a tender interior, housing delectable chunks of fried eggs and perfectly cooked shrimp. Served hot and drenched in soy sauce, they were a delight to savor immediately.


Transitioning to the main course, we opted for the chicken teriyaki with seafood fried rice, a crowd-pleaser due to its familiar ingredients and the allure of its namesake sauce. While the teriyaki chicken erred on the side of being slightly tough, the seafood fried rice, featuring a delightful medley of seafood, emerged as our favorite. The chicken thighs exhibited a subtle sweetness from caramelized sugar and a savory kick from garlic.

Continuing our culinary journey, we delved into the general Tso’s chicken, marinated in ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and hoisin sauce. This dish struck the perfect balance – saucy, crispy, and succulent, with the seafood rice complementing it impeccably. It provided the equilibrium that the teriyaki chicken lacked, leaving a flavor that truly resonated on the palate.

Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

As a side dish for our rice, we relished the zesty lime beef curry. Uniquely crafted with a cream and butter base, the thick sauce, and the tang of lime harmoniously balanced the richness. The dish offered a nuanced flavor profile that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Concluding our savory adventure, we sampled the soba beef ramen, featuring soba noodles, beef chunks, soy sauce, beef broth, red peppers, and an egg. While we appreciated the heartiness of this noodle dish, we felt that the soy sauce overwhelmed the broth and noodles. A lighter hand with the soy sauce would have enhanced the overall experience.

Finally, to sweeten our palate, we indulged in their house-made coconut ice cream, crafted with both coconut cream and milk. This delightful treat truly pleased our taste buds, providing a fitting end to our meal.

Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

With a price range between Tk350 to Tk580 excluding VAT, Teriyaki offers a reasonable dining experience that delivers on both taste and value.


The moment you step into this corner restaurant in Dhanmondi, the infectious liveliness of the atmosphere immediately captures your senses. The kaleidoscopic walls act as a vibrant compensation, far outweighing any initial reservations about the exterior.

Inside, you are welcomed by a lively burst of colours and fun furnishings – from dark green sofas to wooden chairs, bright ceiling lights, and an overall upbeat and cheerful ambiance. The inviting setting is designed to lift your spirits, creating an atmosphere that is both rejuvenating and welcoming. As a result, the restaurant tends to attract a crowd predominantly composed of people in groups or students, all drawn in by the promise of a vibrant and uplifting dining experience.

Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune


The restaurant opened in December 2022, but due to the present economic climate and inflation-driven price increases in ingredients, they have not yet reached break even. 

“We still haven’t made a profit, and we’ve maintained the same prices from the start,” he said. 

They are however considering increasing their prices after one year in business to be able to sustain. “However, we’re considering raising prices soon because it’s getting harder to keep up with demand without it,” Assif Ullah further explained. 

Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune


A visit to Teriyaki in Dhanmondi is a must, especially for their irresistible calamari rings, flavorful seafood rice, and the delightful deep-fried shrimp cheung fun rolls. While their chicken dishes are equally delicious, the true pièce de résistance is the house-made coconut ice cream, an absolute must-try for dessert.

What makes Teriyaki in Dhanmondi even more appealing is its pocket-friendly price range, making it a destination well worth exploring.


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