Summer may still be in full swing, but for Nestlé Toll House, fall is all that’s on the mind. While I’m sure you’re probably still scarfing down their recently released Edible Cookies & Creme Cookie Dough, if you’ve been missing out on your pumpkin spice fix, they’re bringing it to you sooner than you’d expect because their fan-favorite Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough is coming back in, like, a minute. No, really!

Hitting shelves next month, the limited-edition flavor is making its return after a brief hiatus. To jog your memory, the Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough first arrived on the scene

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A review has described how the lessons from major foodborne outbreaks have helped improve Europe’s food safety system.

The research covers significant outbreaks that occurred in the past decade and how things have changed to try and prevent repeat incidents.

In Europe, 5,175 foodborne outbreaks were recorded in 2019 with 49,463 illnesses, 3,859 hospitalizations, and 60 deaths. In the same year, EU countries posted 40 Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) notifications on outbreaks. Overall, 14 identified Salmonella as the probable cause, 11 for Listeria monocytogenes, and seven for norovirus.

In 2011, an outbreak caused by E. coli

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A fraction over three nights is the average length of stay by visitors to Las Vegas. Only cows have four stomachs so how is one possibly going to scratch the savory surface in tasting the sweet treats the Las Vegas culinary scene has to offer? Celebrity chefs, including Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey, famous chains, elaborate settings, and memorable menus at Mr. Chow, Spago, Le Cirque, and others have, with their forks and knives, sliced into the Strip’s slots, stages, stores, showgirls that previously captured the cash of convention-goers, vacationers, and bachelor partiers pouring into Sin City. So how to,

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MobCraft Beer thinks a lot of things are “weird” – so weird that they are hosting a Weird Fest Block Party in front of their tasting room on Saturday, July 17.

This concept, however, caused a controversy today, as first reported by Milwaukee Record.

The “weirdness” the fest has on tap, according to social media posts, includes Mondo Lucha wrestling along with the limited release of “Zany Zucchini Bread” and “Dill Pickle Sour” beers.

They also released a now-edited post about the ”weird” food that will be available during the fest including octopus, pork, mushrooms and

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More than half of Northern Ireland’s home cooks are unclear about how to barbeque meat to the correct safe temperatures, according to recently released survey results.

Results revealed that 55 percent of participants didn’t know what temperature meat should be cooked to. Responses ranged from 30 degrees C to 260 degrees C (86 degrees F to 500 degrees F). About half of people surveyed at least occasionally overcooked meat to ensure it was safe to eat.

Research by safefood found fewer than 2 percent of 1,052 adults on the island of Ireland are following all necessary the food safety checks

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The European Union unveiled sweeping new legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent this decade, aiming to turn green goals into concrete action and set an example for the world’s other big economies to follow.

The proposals by the EU’s executive branch, the European Commission, range from the de facto phasing out of gasoline and diesel cars by 2035 to new national limits on gases from heating buildings.

The aim of the “Fit for 55” legislation, commission officials said, is to wean the continent off fossil fuels and take better care of the environment by policy design –

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