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It’s easy to see how grocery store mogul Galen Weston Jr. has become a target.

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Food processing has been hypothesised to play a role in cancer development; however, data from large-scale epidemiological studies are scarce. This study investigated the association between dietary intake according to amount of food processing and risk of cancer at 25 anatomical sites using data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study.


This study used data from the prospective EPIC cohort study, which recruited participants between March 18, 1991, and July 2, 2001, from 23 centres in ten European countries. Participant eligibility within each cohort was based on geographical or administrative boundaries. Participants were

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Nearly two years after it first opened its doors at Stackt Market, Auntie’s Supply will be taking its goods to a new location this spring.

The Asian-owned snack and grocery store will have its last day in the shipping container market in the Fort York neighbourhood on March 26, it announced on social media this month.

“When I opened my location at @stacktmarket in June 2021, I thought I was launching a six-month pop-up to test an idea,” the Instagram post reads. “In less than a year, we opened a second location and hired three people, and the rest was

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A Simcoe restaurant was destroyed by fire on Thursday afternoon.

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Norfolk County firefighters and other emergency personnel responded to a fire at the Sakura Sushi restaurant at 868 Norfolk St S, at about 4 p.m.

Firefighters from five Norfolk stations – Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover, Vittoria and Delhi – fought to contain the fire and prevent its spread to an attached home, said Cory Armstrong-Smith, Norfolk County Fire Prevention Officer.

It’s believed the fire started in the kitchen area, but no cause has yet been determined.

“The restaurant was closed at the time of ignition, and

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Islanders were able to help themselves to a bucketload — or a bootful — of free P.E.I. potatoes this weekend while also supporting a good cause. 

On Saturday, P.E.I. residents paid a visit to Island potato farmers participating in this year’s “Come Fill Your Boots” in support of local food banks.

Islanders were able to top up their footwear — or their buckets, or sacks — with P.E.I. spuds at four different locations where farmers collected donations support people facing food insecurity.

The event began last year when a trade dispute with the U.S. over the discovery of potato wart

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