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The Fascinating World of Asian Food: Exploring the Diversity and Complexity of Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors, bold spices, and aromatic herbs. From Chinese dim sum to Indian curry, Thai noodles to Japanese sushi, Asian food has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts around the world. The diversity and complexity of Asian cuisine are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and centuries of culinary tradition.

History and Influence of Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine has a long and fascinating history, dating back to ancient times. The Chinese, for example, have been practicing culinary arts for over 4,000 years, with a focus on balance and harmony in flavors … Read more

Cincinnati Asian Food Festival Announces Dates, Record Number of Vendors | Food & Drink Events | Cincinnati

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Bridges Nepali

Cincinnati’s Asian Food Fest has announced a record-breaking lineup of food vendors for its 2023 festival.

In its 12th year, Cincinnati Asian Food Fest will feature a record 39 restaurants and food trucks. The festival’s “Secret Menu” will expand to 10, making for a total of 49 food vendors representing 15 countries.

“Asian Food Fest is becoming known as a cultural destination,” said Rob Weidle, lead event manager for Asian Food Fest. “We are seeing attendees from across the country come to the Cincinnati region to indulge in some amazing food and experience

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All the restaurants and food trucks to try

When Asian Food Fest returns at the end of April, a record 39 restaurants and food trucks will participate in the festival showcasing Asian food and culture in Cincinnati.

Asian Food Fest will be held at the Court Street Plaza in Downtown April 29-30. Attendees can try the variety of foods present, priced from $2-10, as well as live entertainment, local craft and Asian beer, family activities and more. Asian Food Fest is free and open to the public.

Dining:Cincinnati restaurants that opened or closed in March

Some restaurants will also have a secret menu, and the full list

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T&T’s arrival will spice up the increasingly Asian flavour of Oxford and Wonderland

An Asian grocery giant is coming to London, and no one is happier than Lester Hornilla. 

CBC News has learned that T&T Supermarket is opening in the retail space vacated by Food Island at Oxford Street West and Wonderland Road. T&T is a large, fast-growing B.C.-based chain owned by Loblaw Companies and has 31 stores across four provinces.

A chef at Fanshawe College, Hornilla was born in the Philippines. While living in Toronto, he developed a taste for foods from every corner of Asia, from the flavours of his birth country to Korean bulgogi (barbecue beef) and Chinese dim sum. 

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New Teak sushi and Thai food restaurant coming to Loveland

Teak OTR calls this appetizer "Monkey Brain." It's fried avocado stuffed with sushi and cream cheese.

The Teak restaurant group is opening a third Asian food location in Loveland.

Teak Loveland will offer the same menu of sushi and Thai cuisine choices as its sister restaurants, Teak OTR and Rosewood in Oakley, beginning sometime in May at 119 S. Second St. in Loveland.

But the popular restaurant is not the only new business Loveland, a city of 13,000 residents about 15 miles northeast of Cincinnati, is welcoming.

More Teak restaurant locations:We tried the food (and some sake drinks 🍶) at the new Teak in OTR 🍣

A slew of others has opened, expanded or plan

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Rice N Roll owners to head up exciting new Asian food space in Bay View

An empty lot in Bay View is slated to be transformed into a multi-business development which includes four Asian restaurants and a pedestrian friendly community space.

Construction on the project located at 2159-2161 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., the property between C-Viche and The Backyard, is currently underway with completion currently slated for July of 2023. 

Behind the development are JJ Lert, Tammy Lert, and Tony Kora, who operate Rice N Roll Bistro, 1952 N. Farwell Ave., and Kin by Rice N Roll at 7484 W. State St. in Wauwatosa.

Kora says that the owners have been entertaining

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