Michelin-star restaurants may not be for everyone, but I’m thrilled I got to rediscover the fun side of fine dining.

the writer eating at the michelin restaurant and smiling

The meal at Alinea was the fun, fascinating, and once-in-a-lifetime experience I’d hoped it would be.

Katherine Fiorillo

Alinea uses extremely high-quality ingredients, fascinating forms of molecular gastronomy, and some of the best wines in the world to impress guests almost every night.

Still, spending hundreds of dollars on one dining experience like that at Alinea may not be for everyone.

I expected the elevated experience but was pleasantly surprised that it was also fun.

My one slight con

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‘Fee-flation’ is here, as restaurants tack on airline-style fees to avoid raising prices

John Savage and his wife don’t go out to eat much anymore. The cost of a meal in the San Francisco area has soared, he says — even if prices haven’t.

“When you go out to a restaurant, you start doing mental math, you go, ‘Well, we spent $60 or $70 on food,” Savage says. “And all of a sudden the bill comes out, you know, 30% to 40% higher sometimes.”

It’s not that Savage is bad at math. A few months ago he took to Twitter

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One outline of a footprint discovered in the restaurant courtyard.

Lida Xing

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Lida Xing

One outline of a footprint discovered in the restaurant courtyard.

Lida Xing

If you need an excuse to head to brunch this weekend, allow yourself to consider the possibility that your French toast may cause you to expand scientific discovery and research.

Earlier this month, an observant patron at a restaurant in southwest China spotted a set of footprints in the stone floor of the courtyard where they were dining.

And after the proper authorities were called in to observe and identify,

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Food is prepared at Heirloom at The St. Laurent, the newest restaurant in Asbury Park — already the city’s best.Noah K. Murray | for NJ Advance

David Viana morphed a strip mall cooking school into one of New Jersey’s best restaurants — imagine what the James Beard Award nominee could do inside a historic Jersey Shore hotel.

The Elizabeth native’s star has only risen since appearing on “Top Chef” in 2019. Demand for tables at Heirloom Kitchen in Old Bridge (in that strip mall) has climbed at a commensurate rate with foodies clamoring for his creative dishes, immaculate plating

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Big Papa's Restaurant and Catering

Big Papa’s Restaurant and Catering is at 1236 Northampton St. in Easton.Rudy Miller | For lehighgvalleylive.com

It’s been 10 years since Les Smith’s life-changing confrontation with Easton police.

The 33-year-old Palmer Township man had been in and out of trouble for years due to drug and alcohol abuse.

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In Hawaii, L&L Drive-Inn is ubiquitous. The red-and-white sign beckons customers to its comfort food menu of teriyaki-glazed barbecue plate lunches and other Hawaii favorites, such as the loco moco, kalua pork with cabbage and the Spam musubi.

Today, the chain has more than 200 franchise locations in 15 states, with more than 30 in the Bay Area, serving up 20,000 Spam musubi per day, 3 million cups of rice a month and a half million pounds of macaroni salad a year.

Though there are many Hawaii-style restaurants in the continental U.S., very few of them can claim they started … Read more