Hungry? Oklahoma State Fair releases its food list for 2021 event

Oklahoma State Fair OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In just a matter of weeks, visitors from across the state will head to the Oklahoma State Fair to enjoy all the festivities that celebrate the end of summer in the Sooner State. Holt: COVID cases rising in the metro as hospitals run […]

Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In just a matter of weeks, visitors from across the state will head to the Oklahoma State Fair to enjoy all the festivities that celebrate the end of summer in the Sooner State.

The Oklahoma State Fair will be held at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City from Sept. 16 through Sept. 26.

While most people love the vendors, games and attractions, food always seems to be the star of the show

On Thursday, officials with the Oklahoma State Fair announced its list of the latest food items that will be available at this year’s event:

  • Deep Fried Cookie Dough Sundae: Original Minneapple Pie created this sweet treat that is guaranteed to be a Fair favorite. This dessert is made of homemade cookie dough and ice cream and brings together an amazing combination of hot and cold.
  • Caramel Apple Delight: Found at Amish Annie, this original large glazed donut is filled with homemade whipped cream, sprinkled with fresh apple slices and a cinnamon oat crumble, and topped with a caramel sauce drizzle.
  • Gelato Nachos: Funky Flamingo makes this dessert, which is made up of homemade stroopwafel chips, three flavors of gelato, your choice of two dessert sauces and three candy toppings, all topped with whipped cream.
  • Cotton Candy Cookie Dough Crunch On-A-Stick: Also from Funky Flamingo, this creation is comprised of homemade cookie dough on-a-stick, dipped in a cotton candy confetti crunch, and topped with whipped cream.
  • Elk Sausage Corn Dog: Try out this rustic take on a Fair classic at the Pioneer Wagon
  • Rattlesnake Sausage Corn Dog: For the braver Fair foodies, the Pioneer Wagon is frying up corndogs filled with actual rattlesnake sausage.
  • Fruity Pebble Donut: Also found at Amish Annie, don’t miss this sweet, soft, and crunchy donut.
  • DoughBoy Sandwich: DoughBoys will be serving up this free form soft glazed bun, sliced in half and stuffed with your favorite flavor of ice cream, topped with your favorite syrup and a cream cheese frosting.
  • Giant S’more On-A-Stick Sampler: This sampler from A Latte Love includes an original chocolate and graham cracker s’more, a cookies-n-cream s’more topped with white chocolate and Oreos, and their salted caramel s’more topped with caramel and pretzels.
  • Falcone’s Pizza by the Slice: Enjoy classic pizza by the slice, brought to the Fair by Falcone’s Pizzeria Food Truck.
  • Cannoli: Also from Falcone’s, fairgoers can enjoy this classic Italian dessert while strolling the Fairgrounds.
  • Deep-Fried Spaghetti with Meatballs: A Fair-style twist on a classic dish, you can also catch this creation at Falcone’s Pizzeria Food Truck.
  • Gilty Mac and Cheese: A homestyle, creamy macaroni and cheese topped with juicy pulled pork and drizzled in barbeque sauce, located at the Gilty Pleasure booth.
  • Loaded Gilty Mac: Also found at Gilty Pleasure, this delightful Gilty Mac and Cheese comes with a twist! This spicy version features grilled jalapeños, diced hot links, and caramelized onions.
  • Peaches and Cream Pie: Another creation by Gilty Pleasure, this light summer treat pairs perfectly with their Sweet Peach Tea. It’s a rich and creamy blend of deliciousness.
  • Apple Fries: Fairgoers can visit Granny’s to try out these lightly battered apple slices which are deep-fried and sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar.
  • Dragon Fruit Lemonade: Gringo’s is serving up this new specialty drink that is sure to be a fan favorite.
  • Ghost Pepper Tater Tots: Found at Project KRAVE, those who appreciate spice are invited to try these extremely hot tots.
  • Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches: Available in several signature flavors such as mint double chocolate chip, s’more and gluten free snickerdoodle, visitors to the Fair can cool down with these sweet treats from Thelma’s Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches.
  • Peanut Butter Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix: Made especially for dogs, this ice cream mix is pet friendly and sure to be a welcome treat for your canine friends. Find it at Lucky Pup Lodge.
  • Puppy Cake Mix: In multiple flavor varieties, dog owners can buy a dog-safe cake mix to make for their pooch. These can be found at Lucky Pup Lodge.
  • Watermelon Pie: A winner of our annual Great TASTE of a Fair competition, this watermelon pie is refreshing and light and created by Cutie Pies Concessions.
  • Wonder Boy: Served up at Diamond Dawgs, visitors can try out the delicious and sweet Cap’n Crunch battered corn dog served with honey mustard dipping sauce.
  • Avocado Fries: Vegetarian and fried until golden, enjoy slices of avocado served with sauce for dipping, located at Gringo’s.
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon: Double the delicious, fairgoers can try this unique flavor combination at Gringo’s
  • Deep-Fried Coffee: For lovers of caffeine, Gringo’s is serving up this bizarre but enticing creation.  
  • Honey Bun Bacon Cheeseburger: Harvell Concessions is bringing back this bacon cheeseburger served between two sweet Honey Buns.
  • Frosted Flakes Chicken On-A-Stick: Netterfield’s is serving up one of their most beloved items. The chicken is battered and rolled in Frosted Flakes cereal and deep fried to perfection.
  • Cheese Curd Taco: This delicious taco includes a unique element that takes it to another level – deep fried cheese curds. Find this delectable creation at O’Neil’s.
  • PB&J Burger: Porky’s is serving up a half pound burger with peanut butter and jalapenos
  • Donut Burger: Also at Porky’s, enjoy a juicy burger surrounded by a soft and sweet donut.
  • Waffle wrapped Snow Ice: Enjoy a gourmet snowcone encased in a delicious waffle, courtesy of Snow S’More
  • Bug Pizza: Swain’s Pizza On-A-Stick is offering up multiple varieties of Bug Pizza. Adventurous fairgoers can choose their favorite of scorpions, crickets, or meal worms.
  • Caveman Turkey Leg: This giant turkey leg is wrapped with almost one pound of bacon and slow cooked to perfection at the Bacon Habit.
  • Funnel Cake Fries: Found at the Urb Express is this twist on a classic, funnel cake in fry form! Topped with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce, this dessert is delicious and easily shareable.  
  • Wonderstick Ice Cream: This ice cream served in a J-shaped cone which makes it easier to eat without getting messy. The cone is gluten free, thick and crunchy, and won’t get soggy. Find it at the Wonderstick booth.

Tickets to the fair are on sale now.


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