iwinetc 2023 Tarragona Conference Programme Revealed

Introduction to iwinetc 2023

The International Wine Tourism Conference (iwinetc) is an annual event that celebrates the synergy between wine and tourism. It provides a platform for wine tourism professionals, wineries, travel agents, and wine lovers to come together, learn, and network.

Keynote Speakers

This year’s conference boasts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers from various corners of the wine and tourism industry. These experts will share their insights on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in wine tourism.

Masterclasses and Workshops

iwinetc 2023 offers a range of masterclasses and workshops conducted by renowned wine educators and experts. Participants can enhance their knowledge and skills in areas such as wine tasting, wine marketing, and wine destination management.

Wine Tasting Sessions

One of the highlights of the conference is the wine tasting sessions. Attendees will have the chance to sample exquisite wines from different regions, gaining a deeper appreciation for the diversity of wine tourism destinations.

Cultural Experiences

Tarragona, known for its rich cultural heritage, will host cultural experiences that allow attendees to explore the local history, art, and traditions. These experiences promise to add a unique dimension to the conference.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is a vital aspect of iwinetc. Participants can connect with industry professionals, potential partners, and fellow wine enthusiasts, fostering valuable relationships for future collaborations.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at a state-of-the-art venue in Tarragona, offering excellent facilities and a comfortable environment for attendees.

Accommodation Options

Tarragona offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference, ensuring attendees have a pleasant stay during the event.

Registration and Tickets

Details regarding conference registration and ticket options can be found on the official iwinetc website. Early registration is advisable, as this event tends to sell out quickly.

Transportation and Accessibility

Tarragona is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, making it convenient for international and domestic attendees to reach the conference venue.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the local Catalan cuisine. Tarragona boasts a vibrant food scene, and conference attendees can explore the city’s culinary delights.

Exploring Tarragona

Extend your stay to explore Tarragona’s historical sites, stunning beaches, and picturesque landscapes. The city has much to offer beyond the conference.

Sustainability Initiatives

iwinetc 2023 is committed to sustainability. The conference organizers have implemented eco-friendly practices to reduce the event’s environmental impact.


The iwinetc 2023 Tarragona Conference promises an unforgettable experience for wine tourism enthusiasts. From informative sessions to wine tastings and cultural explorations, this event has something for everyone passionate about the world of wine and travel.

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