Key figures on the European food chain – 2023 edition – Products Eurostat News

Eurostat released today the 2023 edition of Key figures on the European food chain. This publication  gives an overview of the interwoven and complex nature of the EU’s farm to fork chain and provides related official data.

Key figures on the European food chain - cover image

The publication is divided into three sections:

The first section provides an overview of agriculture and fisheries. While the main focus is on the production of agricultural and fishery products, this section also includes structural information about farms and the fishing fleet and about employment in these activities, as well as key economic data. 

While some products are sold raw or processed directly from farms, most pass along a much more complicated food chain. The second section of the publication reflects these downstream activities and covers the processing, trade, distribution, and the consumption of food and beverages. 

The final section concerns environmental issues in the various stages of the food chain, including the generation of food waste.

Most datasets included within Key figures on the European food chain are presented until 2021 or 2022, using intuitive visualisations.


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