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Eduardo Nakatani is a Japanese-Mexican chef from Mexico City. His grandfather Yoshigei Nakatani was the Japanese visionary and entrepreneur, who in the 1950s, created what is today one of the most ubiquitous and beloved Mexican snack foods: the Japanese peanut. At the time of Nakatani’s grandfather’s migration to Mexico, there were little to no Japanese products. This scarcity was the mother of invention, driving Yoshigei to create a kind of pseudo-soy sauce: a mix of piloncillo (raw sugar), guajillo chile, salt, and caramel colouring he used to season the peanuts. The sauce went superbly well with his version of sashimi:
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Confirmed participants include:

  • 3 Dips
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Dixie Dairy Dreem
  • Graeter’s- Oakwood
  • K & W
  • Jubie’s Creamery
  • Ritter’s – Beavercreek
  • The Root Beer Stande
  • The Sweet Retreat
  • Yagoots

Coupons for the sweet treats can be redeemed at each of the stops you make. Tickets are available for purchase at

Can’t beat desserts outdoors for a good cause.

Yellow Cab Tavern is resuming its food truck rallies on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, with one set to take place from 5 to 9 p.m. on June 27. CONTRIBUTED

Yellow Cab Tavern is resuming its food truck rallies on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, with one set to take place from 5 to 9 p.m. on June 27. CONTRIBUTED


Head to Yellow

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More than half of Northern Ireland’s home cooks are unclear about how to barbeque meat to the correct safe temperatures, according to recently released survey results.

Results revealed that 55 percent of participants didn’t know what temperature meat should be cooked to. Responses ranged from 30 degrees C to 260 degrees C (86 degrees F to 500 degrees F). About half of people surveyed at least occasionally overcooked meat to ensure it was safe to eat.

Research by safefood found fewer than 2 percent of 1,052 adults on the island of Ireland are following all necessary the food safety checks

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New events and happenings this April in the City of Angels:

Omaha Steaks Make Easter at Home Easy

If you are cooking for a big or small crowd this Easter, Omaha Steaks has several Easter complete dinners to help you enjoy an easy, effortless holiday meal. Choose their Spiral Sliced Ham Feast including a 8 lb. spiral sliced ham, 2 family sized smashed red potato and steakhouse creamed corn packages, 8 mini baguettes with garlic butter and a 40 ounce cheesecake sampler, $169.99. They also offer New Zealand Boneless Leg of Lamb and Heart of Prime Rib Roast dinners. All

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Everyone has their go-to fast food menu items, but every so often a new meal is added to shake up our habits. Wendy’s has done that time and time again, and their latest innovation is a Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger.

Although a bacon cheeseburger may seem like a pretty basic menu addition, Wendy’s tends to take classics and elevate them to a new level. The Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger is no different; it is topped with Applewood smoked bacon, a custom bacon sauce with hints of sweetness, crispy onions, American cheese, a creamy cheddar cheese spread, and a totally new

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Shef has raised $20 million to expand its homemade meal delivery marketplace. The company helps home chefs connect with customers by handling orders and getting the food delivered, reported TechCrunch (June 2).

Back in 2019, The Food Institute reported that California became the only state to legalize home restaurants by passing the Homemade Food Operations Act. However, more cities are now passing similar laws allowing for home chefs to sell homecooked meals.


Shef works somewhat differently from city to city because of local laws. In some places, the company can tap local delivery networks to get meals

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