Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Saint-Henri food bank fights to stay open as lack of funds threatens services

A Saint-Henri food bank says it’s starting to cut services and is worried it might have to close its doors entirely if it can’t get more funding soon.

​​It’s already reduced its food basket distribution from three days per week to two and staff are working fewer hours. 

“Better to cut back somewhat now than to close the door later,” said Glenn Rubenstein, the general manager of Épicentre Saint-Henri.

“My fear is either to continue to cut back or possibly close food banks and that is the service that probably responds most directly to people in the most precarious situations.”

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Experience Scotland’s larder on a culinary tour

Have you ever wanted someone to just lead you from foodie haven to foodie haven without you having to do a thing but follow them?

Well, Fife’s food ambassador Christopher Trotter is promising just that with his bespoke culinary tours across Scotland.

Whether whisky is your thing or you’re more of a seafood connoisseur, or maybe you refuse to go through any day without the opportunity to eat chocolate, then Christopher says he will be able to make it happen on one of his tours, all you need to do is ask.

Running most of his tours in the Fife

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Fried chicken wars goes global and free donuts: 5 fast food stories you might’ve missed this week

Those are just some of the tantalizing and tasty offers that made headlines this week in the fast food world. Companies in that crowded space operate on razor-thin profit margins, so they are constantly trying to gain an edge over its competitors, often with perks like free food or other giveaways.

Americans have lost their minds over the Popeyes’ fried chicken sandwich for the past two years. Soon, our friends in the United Kingdom can experience the clucking craze.

The chain unveiled plans to open its first UK restaurant later this year, following successful launches in Spain and Switzerland, as
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Food Island’s closure leaves Asian food lovers in London with few options

A busy grocery store bustling with shoppers only a few weeks ago, Food Island is now shuttered and empty, with some in the Asian community saying they feel a particular loss over its closure. 

The store, an anchor tenant of the Oxford and Wonderland shopping plaza, specialized in Asian groceries and closed earlier this month. Shoppers who spoke to CBC News said they knew something was up when the stocks on the shelves started to dwindle without being replaced. 

“[The closure] really surprised us, and it’s had a really big effect on our life,” said Rui Yang, an international student 

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5 Easy Homemade Icecream Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat in 30 Minutes

5 Easy Homemade Icecream Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat in 30 Minutes

Summer Desserts: Here are 5 of our best homemade ice cream recipes.

It is easy to make your own homemade ice cream.


  • Summer is the perfect time to indulge in a lot of frozen ice creams.
  • It is easy to make your favorite ice cream at home.
  • These are quick and easy recipes that you should try.

Gajar ka Halwa is a wintertime thought that hovers over our heads. In summer, ice creams take its place. Ice cream is the best way to get some relief from the heat. Simple ice creams are easy to make if you like … Read more

FAO: Organic label is not a guarantee of food safety

The term organic is not a guarantee of food safety, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Organic is a way to grow food following specific rules and guidelines, according to a document published by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Organic certification refers to a product made in line with certain standards throughout the production, handling, processing and marketing stages; it does not cover the characteristics of the finished item.

Such standards and regulations may differ between and among countries’ supply chains for regulating chemical use and other requirements for

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