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Here, we learn how EU research project INCREASE offers a participatory research approach to characterise genetic resources in food legumes

28 international partners from 14 different countries make up the expert consortium of the EU research project INCREASE. Looking into the status of plant genetic resources of four important traditional European food legumes – chickpea, common bean, lentil and lupin – the INCREASE team works resolutely on the development of efficient and effective conservation tools and methods to foster agricultural biodiversity in Europe. Over the five-year running time, the project receives a budget of €7 million from

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06 May 2021 — EIT Food, a food “innovation ecosystem” set up by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), has entered into partnership with the new European Carbon+ Farming Coalition. 

The ambitious new coalition – established by the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group for the European Green Deal – aims to decarbonize the European food system, while maximizing other benefits such as soil health, farmer resilience and biodiversity.

The coalition aims takes on a “farmer-centric” approach toward boosting the uptake of regenerative and climate-smart agriculture practices, by facilitating educational workshops and “test farms” for

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If you’re nuts for pistachios, you’re in good company. Pistachios show up on and off menus at popular venues, much to delight of foodies.

Pistachio trees, native to Central Asia, today grow in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Texas. The nut is technically a seed, a kissing cousin to the cashew, and oddly, the mango.

Dallasites can savor local delicacies like the pistachio soufflé, an off-menu sweet at Rise through April, the seasonal pistachio latte at Starbucks, and the Peace’stachio vanilla cake doughnut, with brown butter glaze and crushed pistachios, at Hypnotic Donuts & Biscuits. Gourmet ice cream and

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One thing about Manila Grey: they’re all about Vancouver. The Juno-nominated Filipino-Canadian duo know the city like the backs of their Supreme racing glove-covered hands. You can hear it all over their latest album No Saints on Knight Street, a shimmering collection of West Coast hip-hop named after the roadway that connects Van with their hometown of Richmond. But you can’t really know a city without knowing its food scene—and the boys assure us that’s a department they are well versed in. And really, there’s no talking about Vancouver’s food scene without talking about its Asian cuisine.

“Oh bro,

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Food trends come and go, once aided by magazines and celebrity chefs on the telly, then Instagram. But TikTok has been blowing Instagram out of the water when it comes to its fun, fast-paced and aesthetic food content. TikTok’s ability to pick up a video and send it completely viral via the platform’s “For You” page, combined with its attractive video edits and catchy music, has created the perfect environment for a slew of foods to trend worldwide.

Sexy slow-mo shots of oozy cheese and loaded desserts are being eaten up (figuratively and literally) by TikTokers. But here are the

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Oreo may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of Easter, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving us something delicious to throw into our baskets this year. Though they’ve already spoiled us with their S’mores Cookies and Strawberry Frosted Donut flavors as well as the infamous Lady Gaga-inspired Pink and Green cookies, their new Cookies & Creme Eggs that they’ve given us for Easter is the treat that we’re totally not deserving of.

If you’re thinking that this is just a recycled effort from year’s past, you’re partially right. Oreo did release an egg-cellent

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