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The heaviest rainfall to hit western Europe in a century caused flash floods and killed more than 188 people in July — stark evidence that rich, western countries are vulnerable to extreme weather events linked to climate change. But a new S&P Global Sustainable1 analysis reveals that water scarcity presents a potentially even greater risk for Europe’s residents, businesses and investors.

According to S&P Global Trucost data, water stress is the biggest

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LAS VEGAS — Restaurant-quality offerings, better-for-you options and global flavors are trending in new foodservice offerings launching across the convenience channel.

Foodservice sales in convenience stores increased 20.5% in 2021 after falling 10% in 2020, according to the 2022 Convenience Store News Industry Report. Elevated offerings that go beyond the typical gas station fare are key to capturing a bigger share of shoppers’ wallets.

“I think the messaging for the convenience channel has to evolve,” said Bradley Borchardt, strategic account chef for convenience stores at Minneapolis-based Cargill. “C-stores still have the halo of ‘cokes and smokes,’ but a lot of

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relates to The Dutch Food Delivery King Is Coming to America

Photo illustration: 731; Photo: Getty Images

The early months of the coronavirus pandemic were both a boon and a strain for U.S.-based food delivery companies. DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats all saw a rush of business while still suffering from the dismal economics that had kept any of them from becoming profitable. It was unclear whether the lockdowns were a moment to shine or collapse.

So they started merging. In May, Uber Technologies Inc. was on the verge of acquiring Grubhub. The deal fell apart at the 11th hour, and Uber went on

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1. Explore the legendary olive groves of the Peloponnese

There’s a reason why philhellenes love the Peloponnese with a passion. This three-pronged peninsula at the tip of the mainland is the Greece that time forgot: miles of white-sand beaches minus the crowds, mountain villages at the end of dusty roads, immaculately preserved ancient ruins and excellent, locally run hotels and restaurants catering largely for domestic travellers. And then there’s the olives. The Peloponnese is the home of kalamata, Greece’s famed fleshy purple-black, almond-shaped olive. The city that bears its name is a great starting point for foodie

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Culver sounded apologetic as he shared how well quick service restaurants, built for consistency, efficiency and speed, fared in 2020. Culver’s grew by 50 restaurants. In 2020 they were up 4% in sales.

“I almost feel bad even sharing it,” Culver said. “We had a good year.”

For Culver’s, challenges included supply chain management and quickly upgrading online ordering, which just 19 locations had in place pre-pandemic. Culver’s got PPP but, Culver said, “the next day we gave it back. We were doing fine. I felt guilty about taking it.”

Though Culver’s is flourishing, the former executive opposes a $15

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WILMINGTON, Del., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — YummySessions has launched a YouTube series featuring bilingual recipe tutorials, or instarecipes, of multicultural comfort food.   

The creators of YummySessions devised the series for families with little time for cooking or those caught in a recipe rut during the pandemic. Ranging from 40 seconds to two minutes, each YummySessions video has energetic music, Spanish language captions and appealing visuals that make the recipes easier to understand and follow from any mobile device.

“It’s one thing for dishes to taste delicious but they also need to look amazing,” said YummySessions founder Pedro Escarcega

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