Pinterest Predicts This Comforting Food Trend for 2024

One of the best things about closing out the year is seeing all of the fun food trends that took place the past 12 months! Google’s top trending recipes amazes us every year, and we always have so much fun seeing which TikTok food trends made it to the top. (Not to mention finally viewing just which Pioneer Woman recipes were the most sought after.) All of this only gets us even more excited for what’s to come in the next year.

Well, we might not even have to wait to see what that is—because Pinterest thinks they’ve got it figured out. The photos and ideas-based social media service has made its predictions for the biggest trends of 2024, and it includes a very interesting and comforting food trend: melty mashups.

What does that mean? This is what Pinterest has to say about it: “This trend takes two ooey-gooey, treat-yourself favorites and marries them to make mouth-watering, melty mashups.”

So, in reality, you need to think about the most comforting, hearty, and even sweetest meals you know… combined. To give you some help, the meals within the highest searched percentile of this trend were pizza pot pie, gummy candy kabobs, carbonara ramen, cheeseburger tacos, and burger quesadillas.

You’ll need to head to Pinterest itself to see all of the many appetizing (and somewhat shocking) combos, but there are a few recipes that you can make with the help of!

Here are some “melty mashups” of our own:

lasagna soup

Ryan Liebe

Lasagna Soup isn’t just a Drummond family favorite, apparently! It’s contains the savory taste of lasagna due to its traditional ingredients. Though, it’s pretty easy to make, because you’re whipping it up in the form of soup.

pinterest food trend predictions

Caitlin Bensel

Then we’ve got French onion pasta. Our version uses TikTok’s one-pot method, including key ingredients: caramelized onions, mushrooms, thyme, garlic, beef broth, white wine, and Worcestershire sauce! You’ll cook it all in the same pot as some vinegar and melty cream cheese.

whiskey maple sundaes with bacon

David Malosh

You also *need* to try our whiskey-maple sundae with bacon. Bacon and ice cream make the perfect duo, but adding in a few tablespoons of whiskey makes it the trifecta of our dreams. (Pssst! You’ll probably want to keep this one out of reach from the kiddos.)

If you want to know how Pinterest gets this data, we got you.

“First, we look at the billions of searches happening on Pinterest from people who are planning their lives and taking action on these ideas,” a release explains. “Then we layer in our machine-learning-backed predictive methodology to ensure we’re calling the most cutting edge trends.”

If you have any doubt on the legitimacy of that claim, it’s worth noting that for the last four years in a row, Pinterest was accurate on over 80% of their predictions!

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