The Biden administration on Monday will announce the launch of a summer food program to feed more than 30 million low-income children, the Agriculture Department told NBC News.

It is the latest push by the White House to address widespread hunger and food insecurity in the U.S., one the agency said it believes is the largest summer food program in the country’s history.

“Congress, through the American Rescue Plan, expanded this program to operate during the summer, which I think was just highly responsive to what we need right now,” said Stacy Dean, the deputy under secretary of agriculture for

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American trade officials this month suspended tariffs on certain European foods and wines that raised or threatened to push up restaurant prices and cut jobs and profits.

The announcement brought a sigh of relief to some Arizona business owners.

“It’s definitely good news,” said Phoenix restaurateur Chris Bianco, who was among a group of restaurant owners who earlier signed a letter urging relaxation of the tariffs.

The industry already was facing tight profit margins and rising costs for a host of other expenses ranging from rent to insurance to labor, Bianco said. Restaurants often don’t have the luxury of passing

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