Study regions and farms

Ten European regions from boreal to Mediterranean were selected (Supplementary Table 1). They represented major agricultural land uses such as arable crops including horticulture, mixed farming, grassland and perennial crops (vineyards and olives). Within each region, a pool of ~20–40 farms was selected from which 12–20 farms were randomly selected (169 in total) that belonged to the same farm type, produced under homogeneous climatic and environmental circumstances and fulfilled specific criteria regarding their main production branch. In case the selected farms were not willing to participate, we asked other farms from the pool till the sufficient

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Starbucks customers might want to have a back-up order in mind to avoid disappointment the next time they visit their local store.

Social media is full of complaints from people voicing their frustration about not being able to order their favorite drinks at Starbucks, including popular summer drinks like Peach Green Tea Lemonade and the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher.

“The supply shortage at Starbucks is killlingggg me slowly,” one customer wrote on Twitter.

And it’s not just summer refreshments: There have been reports of

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