Melissa Adam was moved when she saw a man looking for dumplings for his next meal.

She and Samuel Frassenay felt that no one should be so hungry. So they anonymously began to leave Styrofoam containers full of food every night.

Six months later, what used to be just a container for safe food is now an organization called the Indiana Food Box Group.

“It happened very organically,” said Frassenay of Saltsburg.

The food box is located at Fox’s Pizza Den in Blairsville and Homer City, partly owned by Frassenay.

He met Adams in Bolivar when she started working for

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Anju is among the restaurants participating in Summerlong Supper Club. Photo courtesy of Anju.

An effort to save restaurants by selling seasonal subscriptions for takeout dinners from top eateries has been a smash success in New York. Now, Summerlong Supper Club is coming to DC.

Here’s how it works: every week for six weeks beginning April 6, members will receive a three-course meal from a different spot. In DC, the all-star lineup of participating restaurants includes Rose’s Luxury, Anju, Sushi Taro, Albi, Cane, and Centrolina. The upfront cost is $360 per person—$60 per meal—for pickups, and $403 for deliveries (tips

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