While plant-based meat and dairy markets are saturated with options, vegan egg substitutes have been somewhat limited – until now.

Growth of plant-based eggs

According to a report by The Plant-Based Foods Association, U.S. plant-based egg consumption rose 168 percent in 2020 and saw $27 million in sales. By 2022 the market is projected to grow into a $1.15 billion industry.

Despite the growing market, there are still relatively few players as producers look to develop vegan eggs that function like chicken eggs, with the ability to thicken, leaven, bind, and aerate, while maintaining a similar taste and texture.


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Step aside, baked feta pasta: There is a new trend in TikTok town, and it’s … flour and water?

On Feb. 19, TikTok user @FutureLettuce posted a video of what he called his “2-ingredient chicken replacement,” and it has since exploded online. In just a few steps of creating a dough and then washing the starch out of flour, the video showcases a dish that pulls apart and looks surprisingly like, well, chicken. But for the dedicated vegans among us, this method isn’t anything new. It’s simply a version of the dish most commonly known as seitan, a form of

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