Thursday Jun 01, 2023

How do South Asian Americans Remember Home Cooking?

If you’ve had a hometown dish while abroad, you might have thought, It’s just not the same here. But missing familiar cooking goes beyond simple food cravings. It’s also a way of tapping national identity, according to Anita Mannur’s analysis of “the deep nostalgic investment in considering certain types of food to be authentically, and autochthonously, ‘Indian’” in fiction, memoir, and cookbook writing about South Asian immigrants’ gastronomic habits in North America.

Reading Madhur Jaffrey’s An Invitation to Indian Cooking, Sara Suleri’s memoir Meatless Days, and two short stories by Shani Mootoo, Mannur suggests that cooking lets immigrants

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Top 4 Beach Destinations Americans Are Visiting Other Than Mexico

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Mexico is consistently a top travel destination for Americans, and for good reasons:  fantastic beaches, delicious cuisine, and enchanting Pueblos Magicos.  In fact, it takes three of the top 10 international travel spots on TripAdvisor’s Seasonal Travel Index of 2023.  However, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons and check out some other incredible beach destinations, there are a lot to choose from that are also just a quick flight away.      

Beach chairs sitting on a white sand beach under an umbrella at sunset

According to TripAdvisor, these are the top international beach destinations Americans are visiting other than Mexico.

1. Punta Cana, Dominican

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Americans Can Experience This Amazing Caribbean Destination And Leave Their Passports At Home

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Have you been dreaming of leaving it all behind and jetting off to the Caribbean but keep putting off that passport renewal? Luckily, Americans can experience the beauty and charm of the Caribbean without a passport!

In fact, Americans can experience the best of the Caribbean without a passport, without exchanging money, without a long-haul flight, and without dealing with the hassle of international cell service limitations.

Woman walking along beach in puerto rico, caribbean

Take It From Me, Puerto Rico Is The Most Accessible Caribbean Destination

When the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico this fall presented itself,

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How Asian Americans in the food industry are fighting back against hate

The Bay Area has experienced an uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans this year, particularly with the elderly. The news stories have become sadly familiar, from an 84-year-old Thai immigrant who was fatally shoved by an attacker in January to an elderly woman who was assaulted in broad daylight and tried to fight him off with a board. From violent encounters like these to everyday verbal harassment on the street, Asian Americans have been feeling the strain and blame of the pandemic in myriad ways.

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Americans Adjusting to ‘Tight-Knit’ European COVID Bubble

Americans traveling across the Atlantic to play in this week’s Scottish Open are adjusting to the stricter COVID-19 regulations.

Though the PGA Tour has begun to relax some of its protocols and testing requirements, especially for fully vaccinated players, the European Tour bubble remains firmly intact. The Scottish Open and next week’s Open Championship have more stringent rules regarding players’ whereabouts and interactions, and players in recent weeks have criticized the incongruity of allowing competitors to have only a limited inner circle on-site while also letting in 32,000 fans a day.

“I mean, slightly,” Collin Morikawa said Tuesday when asked

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