Wednesday May 31, 2023

Culinary Bike Tour of Friuli Hosted by Chef Brooke Williamson

Friuli Venezia Giulia (often shortened to Friuli) is a northeastern Italian border region tucked between Slovenia and Austria where travelers will find the cultural and culinary imprints of all three countries. On Tourissimo’s NEW 7-day Chef Bike Tour of Friuli Venezia Giulia hosted by Chef Brooke Williamson and her husband Nick Roberts, guests will cycle from Tarvisio along the Tagliemento River Valley via the Alpe-Adria Bikeway, one of the first long-haul rail-to-trail projects in Europe. The rest of the biking will be on secondary country roads with many interesting and tasty stops. Chef Williamson will play an important role in

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Foko chef plans Oaxaca culinary tour to inspire new La Pana location

Mottos for companies can sometimes ring hollow, a tumble of words that might sound good, but not really mean anything.

For Foko, the Mexican eatery inside Logan Street Market, 1001 Logan St., “illuminating culture through food,” is real.

So real, the team is taking Louisvillians to Mexico City and Oaxaca, Mexico, next month as part of a culinary exchange initiative in collaboration with La Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca. And this is far beyond a food-lovers’ dream trip to the capital of the country, and the capital of Mexican cuisine in the Oaxacan region; proceeds from this trip will

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Celebrity Chef Salt Bae Pledges To Feed 5,000 People Every Day In Turkey

In the wake of the terrible 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, several nations and organizations have pledged to send rescue personnel, emergency supplies, and other forms of assistance. 


Nusr-et Gokce, commonly known as ‘Salt Bae,’ is a celebrity chef from the Turkish province of Pasali who has stepped forward to aid his fellow countrymen in the wake of the calamity.

The well-known restaurateur has promised to feed at least 5,000 earthquake victims daily by sending a mobile kitchen to the affected area.

Salt Bae

The 39-year-old chef described his food drive as his “most important and meaningful service

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Croatian restaurant offers one pot menu cooked by robotic chef

ZAGREB, Feb 10 (Reuters) – Craving gnocchi with lamb, black risotto or zucchini pasta? You can order any of them at a Croatian restaurant where a robotic chef is able to rustle up about 70 different one pot meals.

Its owners say they believe the BOTS&POTS Sci-Food bistro in Zagreb is the world’s only restaurant where ready-to-eat meals in a pot are made by robotic cookers with no human involvement other than loading the devices with fresh ingredients.

The devices add oil and seasoning according to digital recipes made by a human chef.

In other similar restaurants, robots stir and

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Ottawa chef Briana Kim wins the 2023 Canadian Culinary Championship at the Shaw Centre

The champion, chef-owner of Alice restaurant on Adeline Street, makes highly inventive and technically formidable plant-based dishes.

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Briana Kim, chef and owner of Alice Restaurant on Adeline Street, took home gold at the 2023

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Why Did Superstar Chef Iliana Regan Open a Bed-and-Breakfast in the Middle of Nowhere?

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When Iliana Regan bought the Milkweed Inn in Michigan’s Nahma Township with her wife, Anna Hamlin, in 2019, she was searching for home. One might assume the critically acclaimed founding chef of the Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant Elizabeth might feel overly secluded at Milkweed; the 150-acre property is set deep in Hiawatha National Forest, a wide swath of land where three Great Lakes meet at the U.S.-Canadian border. But it was here that the couple planted roots, planning to run the 12-guest bed-and-breakfast during the six months of the year when the dirt road leading

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