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When Iliana Regan bought the Milkweed Inn in Michigan’s Nahma Township with her wife, Anna Hamlin, in 2019, she was searching for home. One might assume the critically acclaimed founding chef of the Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant Elizabeth might feel overly secluded at Milkweed; the 150-acre property is set deep in Hiawatha National Forest, a wide swath of land where three Great Lakes meet at the U.S.-Canadian border. But it was here that the couple planted roots, planning to run the 12-guest bed-and-breakfast during the six months of the year when the dirt road leading

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Talking through his wired-shut mouth, Jose Duran said he forgives the man who — without a known motive — shoved him from behind off the CTA Blue Line Division stop platform, causing him to drop onto the tracks and fall face-first against a rail.

“I forgive him, and I hope that he realizes what he did and that he can reflect on it,” said Duran, a 28-year-old chef at Michelin star-restaurant Schwa. “I just want to make sure that he knows that he changed my life within a minute.”

Less than an hour after Duran was pushed Nov. 29, police

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Chef Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar 
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

After championing indigenous heirloom rice varieties and curating an ingredient-driven menu at her Goa restaurant Edible Archives, chef Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar has taken her love for K-dramas up notch with Bento Bento. The recently-launched Asian restaurant in Bengaluru, says Anumitra, came to be because she felt that there was a chance to show that good food could be good in other ways — for our bodies, the farmers growing it, the city — but without sacrificing on convenience or taste.” As for her choice of city, the chef calls Bengaluru “a

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Ukraine’s most famous chef, the ebullient Ievgen Klopotenko, is acclaimed for reviving old recipes from before the Soviet era and serving them up to a fashionable crowd in his award-winning Kyiv restaurant, 100 Rokiv. His signature dish is Borsch – the hearty vegetable soup that’s enjoyed across Eastern Europe and Russia, but which Klopotenko asserts originated in Ukraine. 

In February, before his country went to war, Klopotenko explained to correspondent Holly Williams that Ukraine and Russia, while they have shared history, are moving in very different directions. “Yeah, we are running,” he said. “We want to show to the world

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This article is part of a guide to Hong Kong from FT Globetrotter

A perfect day in Hong Kong starts with a sweet pastry, something at which the Hong Kongese excel. If you follow the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked pastry, you can find a custard tart on every street corner. At Mid-Autumn Festival time, you can try mooncake (a cake typically made with lotus seed paste and salted duck-egg yolk). When done right, mooncakes are incredibly delicious — and very moreish. I have to be quite strict with myself when it comes to pastries when I visit.

Every time

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In the United States, the best known Malaysian dish is arguably laksa, the comforting and aromatic noodle soup. But Tracy Goh wants dishes like otak-otak, curry puffs and nasi lemak to share the stage — and by doing so, broaden Malaysian cuisine’s reach in America.

All of these dishes will be served at Goh’s first restaurant, Damansara, opening Oct. 19 in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood (1781 Church St.). It will be one of the Bay Area’s few restaurants devoted to Malaysian food.

Damansara will, of course, serve laksa, but Goh hopes diners will share many of the small plates

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