Amid beating drums, representing Mother Earth’s heartbeat, and people dressed in traditional garments, like the iconic long ribbon skirts reaching to absorb earth’s energy, aromas of food wafted through the field house of Conestoga College’s Student Recreation Centre last weekend.

The 13th annual powwow drew thousands of visitors to celebrate Indigenous culture, said Christina Restoule, manager of Indigenous Services at the Doon Campus. 

“Be-Dah-Bin Gamik,” which translates to “place of new beginnings,” provides services to the College’s Indigenous students, including status and non-status First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

“2020 was our last in-person powwow. The last two years were virtual,

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As customers, it’s important to be aware of warning signs that can indicate a poorly-run restaurant. These can include things like dirty or cluttered dining areas, rude or inattentive service, and a lack of consistency in the menu or dishes. Otherwise, we can end up with a nasty experience that could’ve been easily avoided.

However, most of us regular folk can miss a lot of these clues. So how about we educate ourselves a bit? For starters, let’s take a look at a Reddit post that asked chefs to share the red flags they look for when they go out

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Guenego Limamou (courtesy of cousin Isac Pereira)

Guenego Limamou (courtesy of cousin Isac Pereira)

Guenego Limamou, a 34-year-old French chef whose favorite Korean food was dak galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken), visited Itaewon on Oct. 29 to explore local eateries in the back alleys of Seoul’s popular nightlife district.

His anticipated trip to learn about the world of Korean cuisine, however, came to a tragic end when the neighborhood became the site of a disaster.

He was among the 156 people who died in the fatal crowd crush in Itaewon.

“He planned to create some French dishes blended with Korean flavors. To find inspirations for new dishes, he

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It’s a windy afternoon on a hilltop of northern Albania. A large stone farmhouse stands tilted against the landscape, surrounded by trees and wild purple pastures. Inside, amid warm storeroom shelves laden with olives, honey and sun-dried tomatoes, chef Altin Prenga is at work, experimenting with cheese.

The cheeses in question are made with mountain goats’ milk and are currently submerged in a barrel of pomegranate juice. Prenga offers me a tasting, along with wine from his cellars: both are delicious — soft, bright and with a tangible taste of terroir. It’s hard to imagine that for 40 years of

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click to enlarge Clementine's gnocchi is one of the recipes featured in San Antonio Cooks - Jessica Attie

Jessica Attie

Clementine’s gnocchi is one of the recipes featured in San Antonio Cooks

Veteran Alamo City food journalist Julia Rosenfeld is releasing a cookbook featuring more than 80 recipes from notable local chefs and cocktail gurus.

San Antonio Cooks (Figure 1 Publishing) will drop Nov. 22, showcasing recipes from culinary powerhouses including Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar’s Kristina Zhao, Best Quality Daughter’s Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin and Quealy Watson, Clementine power couple Elise and John Russ, and Lala’s Gorditas owner Steven Pizzini.

click to enlarge San Antonio Cooks is available for pre-order now. - Courtesy Photo / Figure 1 Publishing

Courtesy Photo / Figure 1 Publishing

San Antonio Cooks is available for

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Graham Harris, owner of Decker Kitchen in Thousand Oaks, will be one of the chefs showcasing his bites at the Wine & Food Experience Nov. 12 at the Camarillo Hangar.

Spots still remain for restaurants, chefs and other food-related vendors to join the Wine & Food Experience Nov. 12 at the Camarillo Hangar.

The event presented by USA TODAY, parent company of the Ventura County Star, will feature bites from area eateries and sips from breweries, distilleries and vineyards. The festival at the Camarillo Airport runs 1-4 p.m. in the hangar at 455 Aviation Drive.

Already signed on are Graham Harris of Thousand Oak’s farm-to-table Decker Kitchen and Yukari Watanabe of Ventura’s Gotetsu, which serves Japanese small dishes, among other local chefs.

This festival functions as a grand tour of

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