Wednesday May 31, 2023

New Toronto Chinese restaurant is all about eating alone

Many people consider “table for one” to be a sad phrase, but it doesn’t have to be.

Throughout the pandemic, Toronto diners have become more comfortable eating alone, both inside their homes and out in restaurants. Now, a new spot in Baldwin Village not only encourages you to dine by yourself, it expects you to.

Yunnan Noodle Shack (at 43 Baldwin St.) bills itself Toronto’s first solitary dining restaurant – not the first restaurant to allow people to come in and eat alone, but one where that’s the only option.

“Everything here – the atmosphere, the music, the service, even

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5 Awesome Chinese Restaurants in the Broadway/Cambie Area

Conventional wisdom says that Richmond is the centre of Chinese dining life, but a slew of ambitious restaurant openings have diners storming into Vancouver for the Lower Mainland’s best Chinese food—with even fussy, old-school regulars heading into the city for their daily dim sum fixes and dinner party blow-outs. 

A cluster of highly regarded Chinese restaurants has established itself around the stretch where the Canada Line meets the Broadway Corridor, taking advantage of what will soon be a transportation hub once the Broadway Subway is complete. The Michelin Guide has also highlighted these superb Chinese restaurants, awarding one coveted star

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Food reviewer eats MS gas station Chinese food on Facebook

Stafford Shurden’s one-man tailgate food review show returned to South Mississippi for another gas station dish.

As part of the popular Facebook series that has garnered thousands of followers, Shurden stopped at a Gautier gas station and enjoyed an Asian dish featuring crab rangoon and General Tso’s chicken.

Shurden entered the 1st Stop on Gautier Vancleave road expecting food that was “just going to be Chinese food,” but had his expectations surpassed by the rangoons and the egg rolls.

From the tailgate of his traveling campaign, Shurden tried rangoons that he said were more savory than sweet thanks to a

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Chicago Indian Restaurant Vermillion Switches From Latin Fusion to Indo Chinese

Vermilion founder Rohini Dey has found a new purpose with Let’s Talk Womxn, bringing together entrepreneurs from 13 different cities all over the country to discuss best practices for women and working mothers in the restaurant world. Later this month, the group will tackle restaurant surcharges and how to implement them properly so customers and employees can better understand their purpose.

A copper Indian bowl with soup.

Crazy Hot Asians (hot & sour rasam soup)

While Dey is building out a network, she hasn’t neglected Vermilion, the Indian and Latin fusion restaurant that opened in 2003 on Hubbard Street in River North; it eventually begot a

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Expect familiar Chinese and Thai favourites at this Asian diner

Hunan Square is one of the latest to join the list of Asian restaurants in the city. Located in Electronic City, the space is defined by a wall covered in Chinese alphabets and illuminated by golden lighting.

As we made ourselves comfortable, a couple of soups were served to us — Chicken Tomka Soup and Manchow Soup. The classic Thai soup, Tomka, was a creamy broth made using coconut milk, aromatic herbs and spices, while the popular Manchow, with mixed vegetables, garlic, ginger and herbs, was on point. It was the perfect start to the winter evening.

Tofu Tempura Maki
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She was adopted by Ontario family as 13-month-old. Now, she’s connecting to her Chinese heritage

Meika Clarke was 13 months old in Jiangxi, China, when she was adopted by an Ontario family.

Now, more than 26 years later, she’s learning to connect with her Chinese heritage on Lunar New Year. 

“I’ve never gotten the opportunity to celebrate my Chinese identity,” Clarke said.

Asian Adoptees of Canada (AAC), a non-profit which aims to help connect and support the Asian adoptee community within Canada, hosted a meetup Sunday to celebrate festivities in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Lunar New Year Toronto
More than a dozen adoptees from China and Korea gathered at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant on Sunday to celebrate the Lunar New
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