Hunan Square is one of the latest to join the list of Asian restaurants in the city. Located in Electronic City, the space is defined by a wall covered in Chinese alphabets and illuminated by golden lighting.

As we made ourselves comfortable, a couple of soups were served to us — Chicken Tomka Soup and Manchow Soup. The classic Thai soup, Tomka, was a creamy broth made using coconut milk, aromatic herbs and spices, while the popular Manchow, with mixed vegetables, garlic, ginger and herbs, was on point. It was the perfect start to the winter evening.

Tofu Tempura Maki
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Meika Clarke was 13 months old in Jiangxi, China, when she was adopted by an Ontario family.

Now, more than 26 years later, she’s learning to connect with her Chinese heritage on Lunar New Year. 

“I’ve never gotten the opportunity to celebrate my Chinese identity,” Clarke said.

Asian Adoptees of Canada (AAC), a non-profit which aims to help connect and support the Asian adoptee community within Canada, hosted a meetup Sunday to celebrate festivities in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Lunar New Year Toronto
More than a dozen adoptees from China and Korea gathered at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant on Sunday to celebrate the Lunar New
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Published January 18, 2023

OCM Globe Inc. hosted the press conference for its 5th Annual Authentic Chinese Food Expo on January 12, at the Sheraton Los Angeles.  The exhibition invited hundreds of guests from supermarket managers, restaurant food wholesalers, restaurant owners and business elites from all over the United States to participate in the exhibition; brand partners who could not come to the scene for various reasons also sent videos to deliver Wishes for the new year.


OCM Chairman Mr. Gang Wang traveled all the way from China for this festive annual event.  Members of Congress, Los

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Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-China fervor stoked consumer discrimination that cost Chinese restaurants $7.4 billion in lost revenue in 2020—losses 18.4 percent greater than at other types of restaurants—according to a new study by researchers from Boston College, the University of Michigan, and Microsoft Research, published today in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.

The findings begin to put a finer point on the broad economic costs of anti-Asian discrimination during the pandemic and the role of politicians who focused blame on China, where the coronavirus emerged in late 2019, said study co-author

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I always think that New Year’s eve falls a bit too close to Christmas to be made the most of. We’re all too full and knackered to lean into yet more celebrations so soon, and lack the headspace to make resolutions for the year ahead. Chinese New Year, on the other hand, which falls next Sunday, is so well timed that everyone might want to mark it. Not only do we have the renewed energy to think about another feast, the food associated with the Spring Festival is exactly what we should be eating at this time of the year:

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For the Chinese community in India, food serves as a unifier and a means of retaining their cultural identity

Credit: Edward Liao

With my meagre pocket money when I was in college, Matunga’s lush, green locality promised quite a few culinary gems. Besides the popular haunts like Cafe Madras, Ramashray and the student-favourite DP’s, a hole-in-the-wall establishment always stood out. Chinaman, with its lacklustre tables and dimly-lit ambience, has always been a hit with students, thanks to its vast portions of atomic-orange coloured triple schezwan rice, chilly chicken and more. It was desi Chinese in its most authentic form, and

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