A restaurant owner in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) says he’s facing a $5,000 dollar bill to replace his terrace because he was told by the city that the one he’s had for the past two years is a few centimetres too large.

The permanent terrace outside the Cafe Entre-Deux on Sherbrooke Street West had been previously approved, but Marc Flynn said this year, his permit was rejected.

“We reapplied for the same terrace we had two years in a row, that was fin. We sent the same plans, basically, and this year, we are getting told that it’s three inches too long.”

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South America is one of the most welcoming regions for digital nomads. Whether you’re only visiting for a short period of time or relocating in the long term, you will be met with friendly locals, gorgeous weather, and a far more relaxed atmosphere than back in the U.S. or Canada. There is plenty to choose from, but this one city, in particular, has been ramping up efforts to attract remote workers.

Young Woman Taking Pictures Of The Buenos Aires Skyline, Argentina, South America

The Paris Of The Global South

Buenos Aires has long been renowned for its elegance and architectural grandeur. Nicknamed the

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A popular Mexican restaurant in Ford City is relocating.

The Grand Cantina on Drouillard Road is moving to Walkerville this spring.

John Alvarez is co-owner of F&B Hospitality Group which operates the restaurant.

He says they love being on Drouillard Road but need more space.

“We love being there and customer base is great, neighbourhood has been nothing but amazing but at the end of the day, I need more space so I can accommodate more people and provide a good service still,” he says.  

AM800-News-Grand Cantina-Ford City-Windsor

The future site of the Grand Cantina restaurant at 1000 Drouillard Rd. in Windsor. (Photo

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When residents of Toronto’s sprawling suburbs want to live large dining high above a cityscape, they usually have to take a trip out of the 905 and into the city centre for one of the many restaurants perched dozens of floors over the downtown core.

That could all change courtesy of a bold new proposal for a residential tower in Brampton’s downtown that would feature a restaurant perched over three-dozen storeys above the suburb’s emerging city centre.

The new development proposal from Everlast Group calls for a 42-storey mixed-use tower at 100 Railroad Street, far taller than anything else on

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Whether you need ramen or paper towels, a new grocery store is now open in the Old City for all the basics.

Red Panda Grocery is located at 123 S. Central St. in the former location of HenHoc Butcher Shop, which closed in April 2022. The small grocery store is owned and operated by Jesse Newmister, who also owns Kaizen two doors down. Plans for Red Panda were reported by Knox News in July 2022.

A fan of HenHoc when it was open, Newmister realized the need for a place for Old City residents to pick up the basics and

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Now it’s time for a cantina crawl. Both David and the novelist Francisco Goldman, another dear friend and longtime Mexico City resident, have waxed poetic over the Mexican cantina—part bar, sometime diner, and always a place to trumpet your joys and submerge your sorrows with the best of friends. The contemporary cantina is more democratic than ever (especially as prices escalate at local bars and restaurants), although as recently as 30 years ago women could still be denied entrance. Cantina Tío Pepe, in the Chinatown neighborhood of Centro, is one of the oldest in Mexico City. David is clearly in

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